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Schneider Electric's "smart" move at Hannover industrial exhibition

Schneider Electric helps OEM manufacturers maximize data value with ecostruxure machine consultants. Assist OEM manufacturers in remote tracking, monitoring and repair of equipment

operators can predict and implement preventive maintenance plans to improve machine availability

Hannover, Germany, on April 24, 2018, the digitization process in the manufacturing sector is accelerating, so OEM manufacturers (original equipment manufacturers) need better services to help users improve enterprise flexibility and market responsiveness. The ecostruxure machine consultant digital service platform launched by Schneider Electric, the global leader in digital transformation in the field of energy efficiency management and automation, can help OEM manufacturers realize remote tracking, monitoring and repair of equipment and create excellent value

take full control of real-time operations and enhance the competitive advantage of enterprises

driven by the rapid popularization of technologies such as connectivity, mobile, cloud computing and big data analysis, the manufacturing industry shows great digital potential. According to a McKinsey survey in 2015, by 2025, digitalization will shorten the time to market by 20% - 25%, optimize professional technology by 45% - 55%, and reduce machine downtime by 50%

in such a competitive environment, OEM manufacturers need to apply solutions that can improve the interconnection of equipment to understand the real-time operation status of equipment, and access equipment to obtain data, so as to optimize operation efficiency when realizing the "two centenary" goals and developing new business opportunities such as service business. In addition, while ensuring operation and data security, these solutions also need to bring benefits to operators

ecostruxure machine consultants maximize data value

with the professional knowledge and rich practice accumulated in the OEM field, Schneider Electric will use ecostruxure machine consultants to help OEM manufacturers gain in-depth insight into data, so as to improve efficiency and revenue. Ali Haj fraj, global senior vice president of machine solutions of Schneider Electric Industrial Division, pointed out that through ecostruxure machine consultants, OEM manufacturers can access equipment remotely in real time, so as to realize the addition and improvement of new services for all installed equipment at any production base in the world. Ecostruxure machine consultant provides a fully interconnected basic framework for reliable equipment operation through three key functions:

tracking: OEM manufacturers can visually view documents and historical records in real time (such as Bill of materials, manuals, maintenance logs and task management time tables), and know their equipment positioning

monitoring: this cloud based software helps OEM manufacturers collect and view equipment data in real time, and comprehensively analyze the comprehensive equipment efficiency (OEE), key performance indicators and Kanban reflecting other trends, so as to monitor the equipment availability and output quality

repair: repair and maintenance services realized through app, which is based on the professional skills of context information, step-by-step process and remote augmented reality. Repair service 4. Filter: the filter without blocking instigator provides remote access to cloud engineering software. Service technicians can obtain the latest version of programs and databases through SaaS

these functions can not only help OEM manufacturers improve customer satisfaction and provide innovative services, at the same time, ecostruxure machine consultant can achieve operators' access to real-time information anytime and anywhere by using ecostruxure enhanced operation consultant application. This custom application improves operational efficiency through augmented reality technology and enables operators to improve actions based on current data and virtual objects, thereby optimizing the operation of cabinets, equipment or factories

ecostruxure machine consultant is a part of the application, analysis and service layer of Schneider Electric's ecostruxure architecture based on IOT. Ecostruxure is an open and interoperable system architecture and platform. By using advanced technologies in IOT, mobile, sensing, cloud computing, analysis and network security, it promotes comprehensive innovation at all levels, from interconnected products to edge control, application, analysis and service, and provides customers with the value of safety, reliability, efficiency, sustainability and interconnection. Today, ecostruxure has been deployed in more than 480000 production sites, supported by more than 20000 system integrators and developers, and has connected more than 1.6 million assets through more than 40 digital services

ecostruxure machine consultant trial effect

so far, ecostruxure machine consultant has been successfully applied in many OEM manufacturers in Europe and Asia, and achieved good results. Although Sheng seems simple, the source is a four sided planer manufacturer in Taiwan, China. In order to improve its service level and meet the higher needs of customers, it has deployed the ecostruxure machine consultant solution for packaging drop experiment, so as to realize the preventive diagnosis and maintenance of equipment and lay the foundation for the production of machinery and equipment with better connectivity, flexibility, efficiency and safety

Michael Chang, President of Shengyuan company, said: ecostruxure machine consultant is the future. By providing functions such as remote preventive maintenance, alarm monitoring, tool use and more IOT applications, it can help OEM manufacturers like Shengyuan provide better services to customers

about Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is leading the digital transformation of energy efficiency management and automation in residential, building, data center, infrastructure and industrial fields

Schneider Electric has businesses in more than 100 countries around the world. It is an undisputed leading enterprise in the field of energy management (including medium voltage, low voltage and critical power supply) and automation systems. We can provide users with integrated energy efficiency solutions integrating energy, automation and software

in our global ecosystem, Schneider Electric is cooperating with many excellent partners, integrators and developer communities on its own open platform to jointly provide users with real-time control and improve operational efficiency

we believe that excellent talents and partners make Schneider Electric a great enterprise. At the same time, Schneider Electric's commitment to innovation, diversification and sustainable development will also ensure that everyone can enjoy life is on at any time and anywhere

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