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Quality certification enterprises will be notified by the national accreditation inspection

National Accreditation inspection information of quality system certification enterprises will be held in Beijing on the 11th. As a new measure to strengthen the recognition and supervision of the fairness and effectiveness of quality system certification, the National Accreditation Commission has recently begun to formally implement the national accreditation inspection system for quality system certification enterprises. It is understood that as of the end of September this year, 11961 enterprises in China have obtained the nationally recognized ISO9000 quality system certification, which is the communication current that circulates in the system. However, with the rapid development of quality system certification in China, there are also some non-standard certification behaviors. According to the people's daily, in August and September this year, the National Accreditation Commission organized a group of auditors to directly and independently carry out surprise inspections on 89 domestic certified enterprises, and found that individual certification institutions had obvious violations in terms of impartiality, The National Accreditation Commission has suspended the accreditation qualification of Beijing Xingguo global quality certification center and Sichuan Bashu Quality Certification Center for three months

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