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QS certification raises the threshold of the food industry

this year is the first year of implementing the QS certification system for pastry food. According to relevant regulations, from September 1 this year, seven major categories of food, including cakes, bee products, dried noodles, chicken essence seasonings, sauces and so on, must pass the food quality and safety certification, and the outer packaging must have QS marks, otherwise they will not be allowed to be sold

after visiting some major shopping malls and supermarkets in Nanning yesterday, I learned that after the deadline, most of the products in the newly added seven categories of food have been marked with QS certification marks. For consumers, understanding the importance of QS certification can well protect their legitimate rights and interests

most products have QS logo

yesterday, I saw in Wal Mart, Beijing Hualian, Nancheng department store, likelong supermarket and other supermarkets in Nanning, as well as stores in major streets, pastries, chicken essence seasoning and vermicelli, including moon cakes, were marked with QS logo

in Nancheng department store, we can see that different from previous years, this year's moon cake packaging has a blue Q and white s quality safety logo. Some of them are directly printed on the moon cake packaging, some are pasted on the moon cake instruction paper, and some are printed on the outer packaging box

in the condiment area, we can see that most of the condiments such as Taitaile chicken essence and West Lake monosodium glutamate have QS marks, and only a few bee products and sauce products have not been labeled with food safety. Because long carbon fiber is usually the most expensive component of its composite materials, full quality certification marks

on the shelf of a brand of honey products, she saw that there was no QS logo on the outer package. Asked the promoter, she replied: This is because it was produced earlier

it is understood that mooncakes without QS logo produced before September 1 can be sold as long as they are within the warranty period. Therefore, before the Mid Autumn Festival this year, there will be the coexistence of mooncakes with QS logo and mooncakes without QS logo on the market. This is reasonable and legal, and consumers can buy it with confidence

enterprises that fail to pass QS will be shut down.

it is understood that QS is a food market access mark and a quality mark. Its role mainly includes three aspects: first, it indicates that the production and processing enterprise of this product has obtained the production license for entering the peak flow of people in the duolundao farmers' market of the food and peace zone; second, it indicates that this product has passed the factory inspection; third, the enterprise clearly indicates that this product meets the basic requirements of food quality and safety

according to relevant national regulations, if the manufacturer of water fried dough twist (fish scale) marks on the appearance of food fails to obtain QS certification before the specified date, it will not be able to produce relevant food. If they continue to produce, they will face unprecedented punishment. The State Council recently issued the "special regulations on food safety production" to crack down on such acts, with a minimum fine of 50000 yuan

the person in charge of the relevant department of Nanning Bureau of quality supervision told that according to the relevant requirements, every pastry enterprise must affix QS logo before the end of this year. Enterprises without this logo will not be able to continue production next year. At present, more than 40 cake manufacturing enterprises in Nanning have applied for QS logo and passed

food enterprises are facing a reshuffle

Huang Zhijun, director of Nanning sanrun food factory, said that in the past, food processing enterprises could produce food without passing QS certification, but this year they should pass QS certification before production, which plays a good role in ensuring the quality of food

Huang Zhijun said that the rice soaking pool used to make rice noodles in their factory was made of bricks, which was not only not durable, but also very unsanitary. Since the implementation of QS certification last year, they have invested heavily in the transformation of production workshops and facilities. After the transformation, they found that the rice soaking pool made of stainless steel as required was not only clean and hygienic, but also strong and durable, bringing many conveniences to the enterprise

Huang Zhi believes that after the implementation of QS certification in the production of pastries, bee products, dried noodles and other foods, the threshold of the food industry will be raised. In addition, QS certification standards have strict requirements on food processing workshops, logistics and other aspects, and enterprises that do not meet the conditions will be eliminated from the market. This also means that the food production enterprises in Nanning will face a reshuffle. Huang Zhijun said

Huang Zhijun also believes that passing QS certification is the performance of enterprise strength, because those enterprises that have passed the certification in advance will win the sales opportunity

most consumers do not know QS

in a large supermarket, a promoter was asked what is the QS logo and whether consumers pay attention to the QS logo. The promoter said that he knew that QS was a mandatory label, but he did not know the specific and accurate explanation. When asked what is the use of QS logo, it is probably related to product quality. The salesman replied vaguely. It is found that the lack of relevant professional knowledge of salespeople like this also exists in many other shopping malls

while visiting several large supermarkets in the city, several customers also said they did not know the QS logo. I usually buy things according to the brand and price, but I don't notice any signs. Mr. Li, a citizen, told that he believed that the product quality of well-known brands should be relatively guaranteed. More consumers told that they believed that shopping malls would control the quality when purchasing goods. When choosing a product, they paid more attention to the birthday date and shelf life

in a shopping mall, I interviewed a consumer who was buying dried noodles. The consumer told him that he only knew that QS was a product certification enforced by the state, but he didn't know that dried noodles also required QS logo

through random interviews, it is found that consumers' awareness of QS is not high. Industry insiders reminded that consumers should recognize the QS logo on food packaging when buying food to protect their rights. When the temperature has a great influence

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