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Quadruple in three years, Chinese construction machinery ushered in a happy time in Malaysia

quadruple in three years, Chinese construction machinery ushered in a happy time in Malaysia

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relevant statistics show that Malaysia's construction industry ranks second among ASEAN countries and is also the fastest growing area of its domestic economy. From 2012 to 2015, the Malaysian government invested more than US $100billion in the construction industry. According to a research institution, the Malaysian government will also spend as much as US $64.4 billion to promote the construction within five years of the 11th Malaysian Jinchengli team, which has applied for more than 30 invention patents

although the market space is huge, due to the lack of technology and manufacturing capacity, Malaysia's construction machinery mainly depends on imports, which were mainly monopolized by Japanese enterprises in previous years. In recent years, with the rapid rise of Chinese construction machinery, the local market is gradually occupied by Chinese products. It is reported that the export of China's construction machinery to Malaysia increased by 35.6% year-on-year in 2015, quadrupling in the last three years

it is worth mentioning that in many subdivisions of construction machinery imported from Malaysia, Chinese brands account for a high market growth rate, which enables plastics to breathe like natural fibers. For example, cranes are US $67.68 million, accounting for 40% of their total imports; Loader is 18.95 million US dollars, accounting for 60% of the total import volume; Concrete pump is 15.77 million US dollars, accounting for 54% of the total import volume; The concrete mixer truck is US $9.47 million, accounting for 98% of the total imported roller capacity; Concrete mortar mixing machinery is US $6.18 million, accounting for 81% of the total import volume; Drilling rigs are 460000 US dollars, accounting for 89% of the total import volume

in addition, in 2015, China also exported $12.07 million of excavators, $3.67 million of rollers and $1.51 million of bulldozers to Malaysia. (the above data are from China ASEAN Free Trade)

in the future, with the launch of the "11th Malaysia Plan", the Malaysian government will invest a lot of money in the fields of construction, transportation, manufacturing, telecommunications and so on. The prospect of the construction machinery market is expected, and Chinese enterprises will also be able to usher in more opportunities in the local area

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