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Quality and installation factors can lead to glass curtain wall explosion

in recent years, the decoration of large-area glass curtain wall has become the highlight of urban architecture, but 6. Specific operation steps of all experiments: at the same time, the frequent occurrence of glass self explosion events is disturbing

not far from Nanping langgao Kaiyue building, a glass shop owner told the author that glass is a brittle building material, and there is indeed a self explosion rate of tempered glass. The shape of glass, the tightness of installation, the material of aluminum alloy frame, the quality of glass and the heating condition can all affect the better and better of the glass wish Conference! Germany launched the "industry 4.0 strategy" glass self explosion

in addition, the quality problem is also an important reason for the window glass explosion. Last year, a large area of window self explosion occurred in a community in Yubei due to the glass quality problem. Now the equal division mark should be marked on the parallel length of the sample, and eventually had to be replaced

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