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"QS new clothes" can't be worn in advance.

from July 1, the second batch of 10 categories of food began to implement the QS certification system. In order to "cater" to consumers, some enterprises wore "new clothes" for products in advance without authorization. -

from July 1, the second batch of 10 categories of food, including beverages, dairy products and frozen drinks, has begun to enforce the QS certification system. On the 4th, there was a power supply: 110v/220v, 60/50hz. Several readers asked why some mineral drinking water on the market had QS signs, but some did not. Immediately launched an investigation and found that there was not only a "QS misunderstanding", but also a "QS farce"

it's right not to stick it, but it's wrong to stick it.

Miss Xu bought a bottle of mineral water of a certain brand on the 7th. She just wanted to unscrew the lid and drink it, but she found that there was no QS mark on the outer package, so she didn't dare to drink it again. Another Mr. Li also reported that a brand of barreled mineral water in their office did not have QS logo

after in-depth investigation, it was found that this matter was actually a misunderstanding. The key was that these waters without QS logo were mineral water. According to the official website of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China, the bottled (barrel) drinking water that currently enforces the QS certification system includes drinking natural mineral water, bottled (barrel) purified drinking water and bottled (barrel) drinking water, but does not include mineral water and other products that have added various substances to the water. In other words, for mineral water, "it's right not to stick QS logo, but it's wrong to stick it"

sign posted in advance Li Kui changed into Li Gui

when secretly visiting a water station, I accidentally found a 5-gallon "heaven and earth" mineral barreled water, but its outer package was impressively printed with QS logo. On the counters of some supermarkets, a 330 ml Nestle brand bottler was also found. The owner of the factory joined hands with the central enterprise to replace the imported "high-quality drinking water". The outer package clearly read "rich in minerals", and the sign of QS was also clearly visible. When calling Shanghai Nestle drinking water Co., Ltd. to inquire, the customer service lady clearly told: this "high-quality drinking water" is mineral water

relevant departments believe that mineral water, which is clearly not included in the national QS certification system, is impressively printed with the QS logo on its package, which is a serious violation. The state has not formulated national standards for these products (now there are only enterprise standards and local standards), and the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China has decided to temporarily exclude these products from the scope of products issued by QS, and then include them in management when conditions are ripe. However, the "heaven and earth" and "Nestle" put QS signs on mineral water "in advance", which is tantamount to turning themselves from Li Kui to Li Gui

mislead consumers into unequal competition

since the QS logo is not necessary and should not appear on the outer packaging of mineral water, why should these well-known brand water be superfluous? After investigation, it is found that many consumers do not understand the scope of QS certification. They often only recognize the QS mark and do not know the reason. In order to "cater" to this misunderstanding of consumers, these well-known brands arbitrarily put on "new clothes" for their products in advance, staged a "QS farce", but it brought more confusion to consumers

at the same time, such violations have also led to unequal competition in the industry. In the interview, Watsons, sperklein, Liang Yizu, zhengguanghe, bichun and other manufacturers all lamented bitterness: because supermarkets and consumers do not know clearly that mineral water does not need to be pasted with QS signs, their mineral water sometimes can't even enter supermarkets

behind the violations, there will always be interest driven, but also reflects the integrity of the enterprise. According to the analysis of insiders, the fundamental purpose of these large enterprises to do so at the risk of reputation damage is to maximize consumer trust and strive for more market share in the increasingly mature mineral water market. However, how is it different from seeking fish out of a tree

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qs is the English abbreviation of food "quality safety because the strain of elastic elements is in direct proportion to the size of external force P" (QualitySafety). Products with QS mark generally have an elongation at break of 90%950% of PE (among which the elongation of linear low-density polyethylene LLDPE is higher), which means that it has been approved by the state and food production enterprises have passed compulsory inspection, Only qualified and marked with the food production license number on the food package of the smallest sales unit, and printed with the food quality and safety market access sign ("QS" sign), can they be sold out of the factory

since January 1st, 2004, China has first implemented the food quality and safety market access system in five food industries: rice, edible vegetable oil, wheat flour, soy sauce and vinegar. It is reported that the AQSIQ plans to complete the implementation of the food market access system in three to five years

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