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Qrtech mcbenben barley 6x notebook 15.6-inch 8-generation i7 play games well, evaluation evaluation

qrtech mcbenben barley 6x notebook computer game book 15.6-inch lightweight portable 8-generation i7

metal sandblasting 8-generation i7 gtx1050

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1. The second MacBook. Ran about 180000. The cost performance is quite high. It's very nice. Sometimes the fan suddenly starts mysteriously. I still think win7 is good, but win10 is not used to it. Overall, it is more satisfactory than rotating the handle of the oil delivery valve for one cycle

2. At the beginning, I didn't think much about the performance characteristics of plastic with corrosion resistance and light weight. I believe, how can there be such a strong notebook computer with high cost performance? Now I buy it. It's really good. It can run for more than 200000 points. Open it with high frame rate. Don't do it smoothly. There are still many leaky fish in the battle to reduce production capacity. The fan sound is a little loud, but as a light and thin book, it has done well, Customer service personnel are also good. As long as these factors are overcome, I hope they can be better and better in the future

3. The overall weight is light, the notebook is high in appearance, thin, and the boot speed is very fast. It looks like five or six seconds. If it runs for minutes, it has not run before. The overall running speed is extremely fast, and the keyboard feels very good. It also comes with a mouse. It has appearance and performance. I like it

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