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Qualcomm announced a new type of artificial intelligence chip: its performance soared by 50 times. 2020 production

morning news on April 10, Beijing time. According to Bloomberg news, Qualcomm announced that it would provide a new type of data center chip that can accelerate the processing speed of artificial intelligence

Keith kressin, a Qualcomm executive, said that the company would use its technical expertise in the mobile field and its ability to design chips using the latest manufacturing technology. According to the National Bureau of statistics, the key feature of this chip is energy efficiency. This market should also be equipped with lifting holes or rings, and the scale is expected to reach US $17billion by 2025

due to the slowdown of intelligent growth, intensified competition and increased legal proceedings, Qualcomm has fallen into growth stagnation. In response to this situation, the company began to look for new markets to reverse the situation. Image and speech recognition and data decision-making businesses are growing rapidly, and the capability range of the chip has been expanded

semiconductor companies are trying to optimize traditional chips or provide new methods for Google, Amazon and Facebook. These cloud computing providers even began to design chips independently

Joe spisak, Facebook's product manager, said the company made 200trillion forecasts a day. Such a huge workload makes it difficult for the data center to meet the growing demand. This also highlights the urgent need to develop new solutions

as a leading enterprise in the data center processor market, Intel has acquired some small enterprises that develop alternative chips with the same performance, hoping to help them deal with AI tasks. The company also added that it must check whether the upper fixture and the lower fixture have added some other functions on a vertical horizontal line to strengthen the data processing capacity. NVIDIA has also established a huge business to provide graphics processing chips for data centers

Kristin said that Qualcomm would disclose more details about its cloud A1 100 chip later this year. The goal of this chip is to make decisions based on the analysis of digital voice or image data streams. He said that this is not a simple revision of the processor. Its AI processing capacity is 50 times that of the company's flagship chip. The product will be produced in 2020

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