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Qrtech MacBook 6S thin and light display game book 15.6 inches how to use evaluation

absorb qrtech MacBook 6S thin and light display game book 15.6 inches where you don't need it. The 8th generation i5 of notebook computer is surrounded by a rim made of solid polymer/p>

mx150 single display quad core eight thread ads ultra clear screen

first use experience: I bought it once three years ago, with good cost performance, and now it is still in normal use. I bought the black one this time, The appearance feels very textured. The first time I turned on the machine for 8 seconds, I was very satisfied with the speed. The keyboard is also very good. I tried it for a while. In short, it is worth the money and cost-effective!!! It's much more affordable than those big brands. I repair computers

re evaluate after using it for a period of time:

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qrtech MacBook wheat 6S thin and unique game book configuration parameters

Product Name: qrtech MacBook wheat 6S

brand: qrtech

model: Wheat 6S

screen size: experimental temperature: the laboratory temperature for impact experiment should generally be 10~35 ℃ (that is, the commonly known room temperature) 15.6 inch

cpu in the range: Intel Core IU

graphics card type: NVIDIA geforce mx150

video memory capacity: 2G

mechanical hard disk capacity: no

memory capacity 3. Personnel unrelated to the operation of the experimental machine are not allowed to operate the experimental machine: 4G

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