The hottest QS packaging signs need to be learned

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"QS" packaging marks need to be learned from the truth

QS is a quality and safety certification mark for food market access in China, which has its uniqueness and time limit. Recently, the law enforcement officers of the quality supervision and Inspection Branch of Qichun County, Hubei Province, found in the special inspection that it is difficult to distinguish the authenticity of some production licenses (QS marks), which are mainly manifested in the following aspects: the common main bearing axial force:

first, how everyone protects the parts of the testing machine when using the expired QS marks. Some food production enterprises have not renewed their production licenses upon expiration, or failed to pass the examination during the renewal period, and are still continuing to use the QS mark; Some use the old packaging before to sell in the market; Some manufacturing enterprises falsely use others' expired QS logo. In this way, not only the dealers are confused about the wood plastic composite materials made of agricultural and forestry waste, but also the professionals can't distinguish the authenticity if they don't check carefully. Most of these goods are sold in different places

second, paste QS signs without authorization "Put man-made materials into the human body. On the surface of some foods, the outer package is printed with QS logo, but there is no production license number; some numbers below the QS logo are purely fictitious; some are printed with ISO9001 certification or food hygiene license number below the logo to deceive consumers; and a few small workshop owners print QS logo and paste it on the outer package of products without authorization. This kind of food is mainly sold to local remote rural markets and middle schools Primary school. In addition, the National Health Department approved that those with Jian and quasi brand names do not need the QS mark, while some dealers wear the QS mark. In order to cope with the inspection of relevant departments or deceive consumers, they print and paste the QS mark on the outer package without authorization

third, the QS marks of food packaging production enterprises and food processing enterprises are confused. A few food processing enterprises use the QS mark applied by food packaging material manufacturers to sell food. As the state has also implemented the production license management for food packaging materials, some food (beverage) enterprises use the QS mark of packaging materials to sell food in the market. Such behavior is common in the sub packaging of tea, which is widely used in hotels and teahouses. In addition, in the vast rural market and suburban junction, more than 90% of the QS signs of tea sold are false, often because the name and address of the manufacturer are different from the place where the production license is issued

after investigation, the author learned that a considerable number of operators in the market now have a full understanding of the QS logo, but when it comes to its true or false, they don't know much or rarely ask about it. They often think one sidedly that as long as the food distributed has the QS mark, it can be sold on the shelves, and some knowingly violate it. The author believes that the prominent existence of these problems urgently requires the quality supervision and other functional departments to vigorously publicize and strengthen the inspection and crackdown to maintain the authority and seriousness of the QS logo

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