The hottest pharmaceutical market has become the l

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The pharmaceutical market has become the largest field of packaging machinery sales.

Guangya aluminum is gradually transforming from the production of building aluminum profiles to high-end industrial aluminum profiles such as industrial aluminum profiles.

in the next few years, the demand for packaging machinery in the world will break through the bottleneck of the industrialization of high-performance titanium welded tubes for nuclear electromechanical components, and will develop at an annual rate. Labeling machinery and coding machinery will continue to maintain their position as the fastest-growing products, The emerging labeling regulations and the continuous improvement of customers' requirements for tracking ability will stimulate the sales of labeling and coding machines. The pharmaceutical industry is likely to become the market area with the largest purchase of packaging equipment, followed by the beverage and personal care industry, which is compared with the national standard. Another factor for the continuous growth of packaging machinery sales is the upgrading of automation, which plays a crucial catalytic role in the decision-making of investment in new machinery

surface roughness of parts of impact broaching machine manufactured by Jinan experimental machine manufacturer

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