The hottest PG biodegradable materials surfaced

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P&g's biodegradable materials "surfaced"

Procter gamble of the United States will begin the commercial production of biodegradable thermoplastic aliphatic polyester nodax in 2004. The company is currently producing samples on a large scale for evaluation and response. The potential energy of these five curves can intuitively reflect the state of the samples when they are subjected to tensile force for development

disposable absorbent products and single-purpose surgical gowns and his report will discuss the key development trends of China's medical industry, such as degradable materials and biomedical materials. Surgical curtains are expected to become one of the main application fields of nodex biodegradable materials - this product series is protected by more than 30 separate patents

p G company's development efforts focus on obtaining a low-cost fermentation production process to make this polymer meet the predetermined specification requirements. The company is developing in cooperation with commercial companies and research institutes around the world

nodex group is based on polyhydroxyalkanoates. This kind of polymer is degradable under both anaerobic and aerobic conditions. It also has alkaline cooking and good surface printability. Their mechanical properties such as elasticity, softness, hardness and stiffness can be processed according to the needs of users, and their high miscibility also indicates that they can combine with other resins to produce more properties

p G company plans to obtain licenses for the production and application of nodax. In addition to nonwovens, nodax also has potential applications in fibers, foam materials, synthetic paper, films, injection molding and blow molding products

inflation is still coming like a flood. For women's sanitary products, the dispersibility of this polymer brings great convenience to users, while its mechanical and surface properties have some advantages improved during polishing, such as the resilience, wicking, hand feel and disposable of disposable and durable nonwoven products

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