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In order to meet the needs of national economic development and the sustainable development of enterprises, and avoid the deviation of experimental results, especially in response to the international financial crisis, the pharmaceutical machinery industry has increased the development of new products in recent years, the scientific research, design and manufacturing capabilities of enterprises have been continuously enhanced, and the overall technical level of the industry has been further improved, A large number of new products with high technical level have been developed and verified in production practice, which have been highly praised and recognized by users

at present, the technological gap between China's main products and foreign countries has been significantly narrowed, and the grades of some products are close to the international level. The product types basically cover all products in the international market. The product quality, especially the stability and reliability, has been significantly improved, which basically meets the needs of national economic development, and also has the ability to impact the world's medium and high-end pharmaceutical machinery market

we found that after China's R & D level has been improved to a certain extent, the domestic equipment in enterprises has also reached a high level. It is expected that by 2020, the production equipment and testing equipment in China's pharmaceutical machinery enterprises will be fully localized to more than 80%

although China's pharmaceutical machinery industry has made considerable progress and development, among which there are many products with the highest output in the world, we should also see that the pharmaceutical machinery industry is still large but not strong, with low labor productivity and industrial added value, excessive low-level production capacity, insufficient high-level production capacity, relatively weak technological innovation capacity, and low product technology content and added value

the increasing demand for growth quality will force the machinery industry to speed up innovation drive. Thank you very much for the support of new and old customers; Although it is an arduous process to realize innovation drive, and major technologies have not been seen yet, and one tested engineering product may also carry out experimental breakthroughs in different environmental experimental equipment, resulting in extraordinary growth opportunities, strategic emerging industries such as high-end equipment manufacturing will gradually become new support for achieving sustainable growth in the future

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