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Pharmaceutical industry and anti-counterfeiting

pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting accounts for a large proportion in China's anti-counterfeiting market. Recently, after this newspaper reported that Yunnan Baiyao used advanced anti-counterfeiting technology to effectively protect the interests of enterprises, pharmaceutical enterprises have expressed their hope for the improvement of existing anti-counterfeiting technology to us, and then followed up with several domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers to further understand the use of anti-counterfeiting technology in pharmaceutical packaging by pharmaceutical enterprises

Beijing Shuanghe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.:

our company used planar laser anti-counterfeiting technology in the past two years, but this anti-counterfeiting method is not high in technical content and is easy to be imitated. Therefore, since the beginning of this year, the company has adopted three-dimensional laser anti-counterfeiting technology, which can also be used by computers to complete various functions, conduct data processing and analysis, and experimental consequence printing. Its technical content and anti-counterfeiting effect are superior to the previous one, Unfortunately, it is difficult for consumers to identify the authenticity of products through this anti-counterfeiting method

Jilin Aodong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.:

in the past, the company used laser anti-counterfeiting technology and digital anti-counterfeiting technology, but the company was not satisfied with its anti-counterfeiting effect. Mr. Chu of the quality management department said that this did not give a strong blow to counterfeiters. To this end, since last year, Aodong began to combine digital anti-counterfeiting technology with laser anti-counterfeiting technology to double anti-counterfeiting and crack down on counterfeit products. Although the cost is relatively increased, the effect is good. Mr. Chu said that Aodong could accept the anti-counterfeiting investment of nearly one million years with the steady growth of the overall domestic market demand for first-class facilities and machinery in Bayer China and Germany textile coating laboratories

Shandong Lukang Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.:

at present, only one product of Lukang Pharmaceutical uses digital anti-counterfeiting technology, with an annual investment of hundreds of thousands of yuan. They are satisfied with the anti-counterfeiting effect of this anti-counterfeiting technology, and intend to use anti-counterfeiting technology on new products launched recently, but they do not know much about the current situation and types of pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting technology, and what kind of anti-counterfeiting technology to use on new products is also under discussion

Shandong Dong'e Ejiao Co., Ltd.:

a person in charge of the Technology Department of Ejiao company introduced that before the use of anti-counterfeiting technology, the annual losses caused to enterprises by fake and inferior products amounted to nearly 10 million yuan, or even higher. For this reason, Ejiao company has adopted digital anti-counterfeiting technology since 2000. The annual amount of labeling is about 200million pieces, and the annual investment is nearly 7million yuan. After using this anti-counterfeiting technology, although it has not completely eliminated fake and shoddy products, it has recovered a lot of economic losses for the enterprise

Guangxi golden throat Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.:

Golden throat throat throat treasure causes great economic losses due to counterfeit products every year. According to its quality control department, golden throat throat treasure has begun to use anti-counterfeiting technology as early as 98

laser anti-counterfeiting technology is first used. Due to the low content of laser anti-counterfeiting technology, many counterfeiters can make their own products, and it will also bring difficulties to consumers in identifying the authenticity of products, so the anti-counterfeiting effect is not good. Then anti-counterfeiting is adopted. Golden throat throat treasure has hundreds of millions to billions of products every year, tens of millions of boxes after packaging, and tens of millions of stickers. If calculated at 0.03 yuan/piece, it is conceivable how much anti-counterfeiting investment the enterprise has. In addition to the cost of labeling, it is also a big expense for consumers to check the authenticity of products. At present, golden throat company is preparing to adopt film pressing anti-counterfeiting technology, which has high requirements for printing packaging materials, and the materials are basically imported. According to the understanding of golden throat company, there are only 1 or 2 domestic manufacturers who can develop the functional characteristics of this bolt cutter: the bolt cutter is small in size and technology. At present, golden throat company is conducting material research and negotiation with Huazhong University of science and technology. I wonder whether Golden throat company can find a satisfactory anti-counterfeiting technology through several replacements

through the above interview, it is found that the demand of pharmaceutical enterprises for anti-counterfeiting technology has the following characteristics:

the price is reasonable. The state has strict control and management of the price of drugs. After the adoption of anti-counterfeiting technology, the cost is increased, and the enterprise also bears a considerable investment risk. If the anti-counterfeiting effect is not perfect and the crackdown is not enough, it will cause the phenomenon of investment waste. Therefore, the investment of pharmaceutical enterprises in anti-counterfeiting means should not be too high

the application of convenient anti-counterfeiting technology should make it convenient for pharmaceutical enterprises to use and have little impact on normal production

good anti-counterfeiting effect. Pharmaceutical enterprises urgently need high-tech anti-counterfeiting technology to achieve the purpose of convenient identification of enterprises, easy identification of consumers, and not easy to be imitated by counterfeiters

according to the needs of pharmaceutical enterprises, the China anti-counterfeiting industry association was interviewed. According to the introduction, China's pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting began in the early 1990s and has developed rapidly in the past two to three years. Many pharmaceutical enterprises have begun to adopt anti-counterfeiting technology according to their own infringement and the level of product added value. At present, there are seven categories of technologies that can be applied to pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting, including digital anti-counterfeiting, ink anti-counterfeiting, optical anti-counterfeiting, paper anti-counterfeiting, special printing anti-counterfeiting, nuclear track anti-counterfeiting, and biological anti-counterfeiting, but many have not been accepted by pharmaceutical enterprises, such as DNA anti-counterfeiting technology, which has long been accepted by pharmaceutical enterprises in some developed countries in Europe and the United States, has not been applied in China. To improve the overall level of pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting technology in China, we need the joint efforts of all relevant industries

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