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The pharmaceutical industry perfectly embodies the anti-counterfeiting and anti channeling system

the pharmaceutical industry is an important industry related to people's health and even life. How to achieve anti-counterfeiting and anti channeling has become a matter of great concern to the industry. In addition to printing the number, expiration date, batch number, logo, product name and other information on various packages of pharmaceutical products, domino inkjet technology can also provide product anti-counterfeiting, sales management, flow tracking and other identification solutions that meet various needs of pharmaceutical products sales

anti counterfeiting system

counterfeiting refers to the imitation and sale of products protected by intellectual property rights by imitating the appearance of a product very closely. Fake and shoddy drugs not only cause serious harm to people's physical and mental health, but also bring disaster to the survival and development of a pharmaceutical enterprise

domino dynamic digital anti-counterfeiting system integrates all kinds of high and new technologies, which is the most scientific and the most difficult to be imitated by counterfeiters. In the production process of drugs, each drug is always given a non repeated and unique anti-counterfeiting code. When sprayed on drugs or packages, consumers only need to check the anti-counterfeiting code on the drugs or packages through or network to verify the authenticity

domino provides a series of quick drying, healthy and safe inks, which meet the requirements of medical regulations. It includes inks approved by USDA that can directly contact drugs, food grade inks that meet FDA (Federal Food and Drug Administration) standards, automatic temperature controlled wine based inks that can reduce pollution, and fluorescent inks that can meet anti-counterfeiting requirements

a series of edible inks developed by domino have many different color choices, which can be directly sprayed on tablets, capsules or sugar coated tablets

domino small character inkjet printer can accurately print tiny and very clear characters on tablets or capsules

at the same time, domino inkjet machine and laser machine can meet the coding requirements of tin foil packaged drugs in the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, because the inkjet machine and laser machine are non-contact inkjet machines, domino inkjet machines can be used for coding inkjet printing regardless of the product shape, round, square or rugged

Domino's pinpoint technology can also meet the needs of printing high-quality information in a very limited small area. It can print high-quality information in a range as small as 0.8 mm. Domino pinpoint will be a very good choice whether it is a separate plastic bubble packaging, medical devices or the packaging of the whole drug

anti fleeing system

honeycomb structure has obvious adsorptive fleeing, commonly known as fleeing. The same product produced by the same manufacturer is often fleeing in the market operation of different provinces and cities, due to the different interests and sales means of local dealers, resulting in unnecessary losses, which brings great trouble and confusion in sales management to suppliers

the anti channeling system assigns continuous and related codes to the packaging, medium box packaging and large box packaging of each product, and the codes of the most external large boxes are easy to read. It is easy to record, achieving the function of uniquely associating the code of each product with the region it is sold to, overcoming the shortcomings of waste and uncontrollable production caused by the traditional direct printing of "exclusive sales in XX region", and can form a result database of the associated code and hand it to the customer's sales department for long-term market standardized management

domino spray printing system of general capsule production line

1. Printing anti channeling pin code to small box

a, spray printing process: every 10 small boxes are one, which is wrapped into strips through the automatic production line. Use air blowing: the development of rubber springs that enable the ink to be applied to the running device of plastic cars and vehicles usually cannot be guaranteed to dry quickly on the material film through running experiments

b, spray printing content:

the length of anti-counterfeiting code is 14 bits, such as: ~; ~

the anti channeling pin code length is 5 digits, such as: 00001 ~ 00010; 00011 ~ 00020

C. spray printing position:

spray printing to the side of each small box, just above China, a large agricultural country

2. Computer system

the system records through the computer:

a. record all the information content that has been sprayed and printed

b. Record the quantity of products manually picked up in the production process (due to quality problems and other reasons)

3. The sensor array

records the number of products manually picked up in the production process

4. Automatic or manual packaging of large boxes

the strips and packages with anti-counterfeiting code and anti channeling code sprayed are sent to the back end through the conveyor belt, and they are automatically or manually packaged into large boxes (one large box per 500 small boxes)

5. Spray printing the associated anti channeling code to the large boxes

spray printing content:

from ××× To ××× No ×××

(start small box number) (end number) (box number)

and the anti channeling sales number of the small box checked out due to quality problems can be displayed by spray printing

spray printing process:

all data will be provided to the customer's sales department in the form of database for management

because the anti channeling sales code information of each small box can be corresponding to the next level of packaging (such as large box), only the box information allocated to the distributor needs to be recorded when it is out of the warehouse, In the future, any products distributed by distributors can be traced back, so as to achieve the purpose of preventing fleeing sales in a real sense. It has completely curbed the resellers' fleeing behavior

the function of the system's anti fleeing code

solve the problem of fleeing goods in the distribution channel according to the correlation between different marks on the product size package, so as to avoid the confusion of the enterprise's marketing channel and the loss of the interests of agents

all information is collected and analyzed by computer, and the error rate is basically zero

you can get the information of product shipment, circulation and final consumers

carry out personalized design and customization according to the characteristics of enterprise production, sales and storage. Each small package, medium package, large package, small box and large box will have one-to-one corresponding records. If there is a case of cross selling, the merchant can find out which region and which dealer the fleeing dealer got the goods from according to the information recorded in the database, so as to effectively prevent fleeing

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