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Development trend of pharmaceutical packaging: turn the price war into a technical war

[China Packaging News] pharmaceutical packaging refers to the general name of a processing process that uses appropriate materials or containers and packaging technology to divide (fill), seal, pack, label and other operations on semi-finished products or finished products of pharmaceutical preparations, so as to provide quality assurance, identify trademarks and instructions for drugs

problems in pharmaceutical packaging

at present, there are still many problems in the design of pharmaceutical packaging in China, such as the use of drug names and batch numbers is not standardized, the use and quality standards of drug labels are not consistent, the use of terminology is not standardized, drugs are over packaged, there is no instruction manual, etc., the design has no national characteristics, and is not consistent with national culture and public aesthetic needs. Experts said that the design of pharmaceutical packaging should also pay attention to humanization, and should pay attention to the characteristics of simplicity, practicality and easy operation. However, at present, a large part of domestic pharmaceutical packaging design does not consider these links. These are the practical problems that pharmaceutical packaging enterprises must pay attention to and solve. Seize the opportunity to achieve development. With the continuous deepening of China's medical system reform, the backward situation of pharmaceutical packaging will fundamentally change

at present, China is constantly introducing and updating pharmaceutical packaging machinery and materials, and the pharmaceutical packaging industry will present a new situation. In addition, the diversification of drug types also brings opportunities to the pharmaceutical packaging industry. In recent years, the packaging of solid drugs such as capsules, injections and externally applied drugs in China has been updated rapidly. Although PLA and PGA can be made into general-purpose degradable multi filament suture, the use of disposable plastic syringes has brought major changes to the packaging and application of injections, and the improvement of infusion packaging is also moving towards the direction of composite flexible packaging bags and plastic bottle packaging

in the national 12th Five year development plan, the pharmaceutical industry is listed as one of the key tasks of national economic development, which injects new vitality into the pharmaceutical packaging industry. In recent years, with the continuous clarification of registration standards related to pharmaceutical packaging, China's pharmaceutical packaging industry has continued to grow. The design, process and materials of pharmaceutical packaging, which have both safety and stability and cost control, are receiving more and more attention

pharmaceutical packaging machinery should shift its focus to technology

China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery is mostly focused on price war to attract foreign investors in the world because of its technical shortcomings. With the increasing requirements of demanders, low price is not the focus they pursue. Under the background of fierce competition, domestic pharmaceutical packaging machinery should shift its price focus to technology, and improving technology is the king

according to the survey and statistics of China Machinery Industry Federation, China's packaging machinery industry still maintains an annual growth of about 16%, because the packaging industry, as a supporting industry in many areas of the national economy, is an industry that promotes consumption and highlights value. Its technological progress and matching services can have a profound impact on other industries

China's packaging machinery products are facing fierce international competition due to few varieties, low technical level, poor product reliability and other reasons. In the previous development path, domestic packaging machinery was indeed popular because of its low price. However, with the improvement of industry requirements, pharmaceutical enterprises' requirements for packaging machinery are gradually diversified. The determination of volatile and nonvolatile substances in paints and varnishes is GB 6751 (86), and the price can no longer become a competitive advantage

in the face of this situation, domestic pharmaceutical packaging machinery needs to further accelerate the upgrading of packaging machinery. Intellectualization will enter the whole packaging machinery equipment and production line. Therefore, the industry urgently needs to strengthen the reliability, safety, unmanned operation and other automation levels of equipment and production lines. Introduce modern high-precision skills, electronic skills, microelectronics skills, marginal skills, vague skills, etc. to strengthen competition

new packaging machinery is often electromechanical equipment, making full use of the latest achievements of information products. The designers of some Chinese enterprises are not familiar with electronic products and dare not or will not choose them, which greatly limits the improvement of the level of packaging machinery. For example, many foreign new packaging machines mostly adopt separate transmission, which greatly shortens the transmission chain of the whole machine, greatly simplifies the structure, and greatly improves the working accuracy and speed. One of the core technologies here is the adoption of the synchronization technology of multi motor drive. In fact, it is not difficult to master this technology, but some designers do not understand the development trend of packaging machinery. Another core technology is to adopt a large number of servo drives, but the old designers will not design and select servo mechanisms and their control systems

advanced packaging machinery adopts a large number of new detection systems to ensure the stable and reliable operation of packaging machinery. With the increasing penetration of automation manufacturers into the industry and the development of information technology, more and more designers have accepted advanced automation technology and adopted different experimental methods to improve the performance of equipment with advanced automation products

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