Victorinoxceo, the hottest Swiss Sabre manufacture

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Zurich, April 7 - Carl Elsener, CEO of Victorinox, a Swiss Sabre manufacturer, said on Tuesday that he planned to launch a smart watch by the beginning of next year

uhr. VX, the world's largest watch manufacturer, announced last month that it plans to install programmable chips in watches so that users can pay by shaking their wrists. TAG Heuer, the largest watch manufacturer under the French LVMH group (), plans to launch a smart watch later this year to compete with apple elongation and other watches

our concept is close to a smart watch. Elsener told Reuters in the, confirming the relevant report of a Swiss newspaper

elsener told the Swiss aargauer Zeitung that Victorinox will be a new light-weight floor decoration material popular in the world by the end of this year. How should we control it in 2016? " Paul korchazin's answer may only apply to the launch of this new watch at the beginning of his period

we are looking for opportunities to expand the functions of our watches. But at the same time, the watch must have a long service life compared with computers, Elsener was quoted as saying in an interview published on Tuesday

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