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Verint launched low code intelligent virtual assistant to promote customer self-service

verint released Verint intelligent virtual assistant Professional Edition (IVA Pro) suite package, a low code conversational artificial intelligence (AI) product that can quickly convert existing conversation data into an automated self-service experience

as part of Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) solution, this package enables business personnel to quickly deploy chat robots that can be directly used in production environments, automatically handle chat sessions and support customers. Verintiva helps customers extend functionality across the enterprise through the infinite intelligence of voice and digital channels

with the launch of Verint IVA Pro suite package, Verint has become one of the few leading solution providers that can help customers expand from the initial chat robot to enterprise wide self-service deployment

this new SaaS product is supported by Verint customer interaction cloud platform, including a complete set of AI driven user-friendly design and analysis tools. These tools can help enterprises quickly align IVA with their business objectives and measure results to quickly and easily adjust and optimize chat robots. The Verint IVA Pro suite package is unique among low code peers and supports advanced AI capabilities that are typically only available in fully coded enterprise class solutions. This innovative software package enables customers to implement Verint's market leading IVA technology through a user-friendly interface to achieve immediate cost savings and value

dan Miller, chief analyst of Opus research, explained that whether the customer-centric cable is broken or not, enterprises need to equip domain experts and business lines with tools to build and manage intelligent virtual assistant tools that can complete complex business tasks. These functions are particularly important because the dramatic changes in the number of interactions and channels require enterprises to quickly realize the rapid transformation of intelligent virtual assistants from proof of concept (POC) to deployment to production systems without expensive it transformation and operational disruption

verint is the only vendor in the market that provides similar low code. This solution can quickly process a large number of unstructured real-world dialogue data without manual data input - which usually requires highly skilled data experts. Moreover, it can classify the ideas of business personnel, so all customers need to do is propose new ideas and test the deployment in real time

veritiva and IVA Pro Suites now enable non-technical business users to focus on the customer experience without sacrificing intelligence or value. This provides enterprises with unprecedented functions, and with the development of their desire for self-service, it enhances the potential to promote and operate AI across the enterprise, said Tracy malingo, general manager of Verint intelligent self-service and vice president of global intelligence

many studies have pointed out that about half of all AI projects will eventually fail. Verint's IVA products can shorten the production time. Both ends of the spline are clamped with clamps, and provide built-in tools to measure the effectiveness and value, so as to grow and improve over time, thus ensuring a higher success rate. Enterprises that have just started to use chat robots and virtual assistants now rely on imports for most of the high-end equipment, core chips, control systems, key materials, etc. required by the current industrial development. They can take action with confidence because they know that they can continuously evaluate and quantify their investment in AI technology

verint IVA Pro suite package enables enterprises to realize the following benefits:

quickly transform existing dialogue data into automatic self-service

quickly build, test and deploy user-friendly IVA in a few days

can be rapidly expanded to high-quality enterprise IVA

ai driven technology can meet various complex business needs

continuously improve automation through interactive data and insights

measure ROI and value, To achieve business objectives

use the functions of Verint customer interaction cloud platform to quickly develop new functions

obtain expert support if necessary

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