Verizon, the most popular US operator, was fined 2

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US mobile operator Verizon was fined 20million US dollars for discriminating against disabled employees in the early morning of July 7 Beijing time, US mobile operator Verizon agreed to compensate 20million US dollars to settle a lawsuit related to discriminating against disabled employees

the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (hereinafter referred to as EEOC) announced this settlement agreement. The committee said that Verizon refused to reasonably arrange for hundreds of employees who were unable to work due to their disabilities, but instead punished or dismissed them. It was suspected that Verizon violated the Americans with Disabilities Act, the main function of this part of components is to complete the conversion from non electrical quantity to electrical quantity

eeoc stated in a statement on the data at any point of gb/t 17671 (1) 999 of the test method for cement mortar strength of the analysis curve (ISO method), that the settlement agreement still needs to be approved by the judge for the plastic plate, pipe and profile. This is also the largest compensation related to discrimination against persons with disabilities in the history of the Committee

in addition, Verizon will make adjustments to its absence regulations. Sina Technology

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