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The vertical integration of household appliances and the horizontal and horizontal economic failure are the new forces. Since then, due to the well-known actual environment and comprehensive identity, it is more urgent for many household appliance enterprises in China to deal with the preservation crisis than to complete the benign growth of superstition

now, most people think of the importance of transformation and upgrading. They think that only by accelerating transformation and upgrading can we turn the tide. However, most people really don't know where to transform or upgrade. How to transform and upgrade is even more difficult

when we manage an enterprise, we must consider both preserving and growing achievements. Saving results is a priority, but not the only one. The results saved by an enterprise are reflected in the financial statements and actual operations, which are often out of balance and out of cash flow. As a result, the only thing enterprises can think of is to either find a bank to extend a large credit or hope to make loans as soon as possible, or default on the accounts payable, or cut salaries and lay off people, or borrow money, or ship goods at a reduced price to recover funds. All these are methods of hemostasis, which cannot be dealt with from the bottom

however, we know that it is not a basic policy, but we can't help but make use of these tactics, because as long as we greatly reduce the cost or withdraw the cash, we can guarantee that the enterprise can survive. After the enterprise is lucky to live, if it only needs a little money, it will immediately stop self-conscious growth and low-level growth. It cannot focus on its main business, value creation discovery, profit promotion, innovation and adaptation. It cannot become a real leader in the period. It is always in danger in rounds of changes and changes, which is also the personal pain of many entrepreneurs. In order to take the lead in completing the transformation and bid farewell to the traditional growth form, Zhonghua Du Dian enterprises must seriously study and practice the introductory laws of Jin Yong's martial arts novel "sunflower classic" (if you want to practice magic skills, you must first go to the palace), and redesign and build the trade form

From the growth of modern agriculture, handicraft industry and trade to the successive industrial revolutions from modern to contemporary times, we can see that although each period has its own unique progress, it basically belongs to the external division of labor and integration under the form of vertical integration economy. Even in modern and contemporary times, the planned economy and the market economy belong to two camps, but in my opinion, they are essentially a form of vertical integration economy. In the form of vertically integrated economy, every enterprise hopes to grasp all links and more capital. We only need to make an in-depth analysis to see how many local authorities (provinces and cities have successfully explored the best process parameters for reverberatory lead smelting and the ratio of raw materials and additives into the furnace, districts, counties and towns) can have how many peer enterprises; There will be as many parts of the same nature as the number of peer enterprises. These parts of each enterprise are engaged in R & D, manufacturing and sales, each with its own capital, each with its own closed information, and each competing openly or secretly

if we recognize the existing economic growth form, from the actual needs of each enterprise, none of these natural functions can be less, and the five internal organs can operate normally; However, from the perspective of all the property, this is already a very inefficient way, and has done a large amount of wasteful tasks that do not add value. In addition, there is such a phenomenon of unreasonable capital consumption outside the enterprise. As we all know, these enterprises are sticking together for a long time, but their property effectiveness and overall competitiveness are declining. There is a huge gap between actual sales, actual output and actual investment design output. There is a serious excess of capacity (many enterprises' capacity manipulation rate can be lower than 40%, and the fund manipulation effect is unfortunately low). Property upgrading capital is scarce, The property competition stays at the original stage (reducing cost, quality, cost and large-scale production), which gives the more advanced "barbarians" outside the best opportunity to attack

however, new economy enterprises rely on new forms to attack fiercely, and traditional enterprises will naturally be defeated. Just like Xiaomi's march into Zhimiao and other products, the core leverage point is the user and user experience. The hardware products have been innovated, the second part of the software has been continuously refreshed, and the service content has been continuously iterated. The user fans have been very large (the deep development value of this part of capital is extremely huge). Whoever has the advantages of technology, collection, brand, capital, talents, users and platform will take the lead in the round of growth! Of course, in the future competition, not every living enterprise needs to spend capital and energy to have the advantages mentioned above, but to gain a strategic level of synergy through leveraging and innovation

the combination of horizontal natural functional units and shape ecological growth is more competitive

no matter what changes are made during the period, from the perspective of the basic law of economic growth, superstitious growth is to stop superstitious and fair marriage between the supply side and the demand side, and the supply side cannot produce products that are not needed or redundant on the demand side. However, in the actual global market, economic growth is not affected by the same legal design, but by many factors. For example, the characteristics, differentiation, variability, variability and richness of the demand side, and the cost, quality, chewing, brand, design and capital of the supply side. Even in the contemporary era, the big data technology is becoming more and more mature, and the trend can be viewed and announced in time, but it can not adopt administrative instructions or forced plans to reconcile the inevitable contradiction between supply and demand

originally, the enterprise is a relatively independent and closed operating unit, which sweeps the snow in front of the door and arrogantly assumes profits and losses; Now, the enterprise is in a period of comprehensive opening and rapid change. The boundary between enterprises has been broken, the employment and reliance relationship between people and enterprises has become fragile, and capital sharing and rapid flow have become the trend. With the help of the platform to complete the innovation of trade form, the profits of some enterprises engaged in industry and other businesses no longer come from the product itself, but from the service and content, and the product itself tends to charge. As is known to all, the profits of McDonald's and Kentucky Fried chicken are not mainly derived from selling products and services, but from the contribution generated by the promotion of trade ecological value (the appreciation of trade real estate is one of the profit exports). Those enterprises that cannot see the changes and active innovation during the period to lead the period will certainly be at a loss in the face of the huge waves brought about by the new year's Eve

therefore, under the backdrop of the collapse of the vertically integrated economy, we must stop rebuilding the original industry and property format. Taking the most competitive Zhonghua kilowatt hour power industry as an example, we can completely divide these enterprises into financial service support individuals, market research individuals, technology research and development individuals, human capital service individuals, operation management and decision-making plan consulting individuals, user service individuals, quality control individuals, specialized manufacturing individuals, marketing planning individuals, etc, Each individual business unit obtains preservation by undertaking and sharing benefits. Of course, in the future, these horizontal individuals will not only do business related to household appliances, nor will they only work for a certain part of specific customers. They must overlap or cross with other businesses in a larger collection of ecological fragments to complete the sharing of platforms, capital, talents, skills and talents, so as to make all economic factors as close to the optimal level as possible

horizontal integration and competitive innovation in the form of ecological growth

in recent years, with the arrival of the mobile Internet period, in order to get rid of the red sea of competition, Haier, Gree, Midea, Zhigao, Changhong, TCL and many other enterprises are doing a lot of innovation. These innovations are mainly manifested in product intelligence, customer customization, manufacturing intelligence, organization miniaturization, operation openness, talent value, market co alienation, etc. Among them, Haier Zhang Ruimin's enterprise platform, employee maker and customer characterization are the most classic. He strengthens the task of transforming customers into users, and also speeds up the identity transformation and attribution transformation of external cadres and employees through the means of platform openness and free employment

following the previous analysis, the failure of vertical integration is due to excessive disorderly competition, excessive reliance on scope and excessive consumption of unlimited capital, while value creation discovery and quality operation cannot be effectively guaranteed. The horizontal combination of business can be added through the process of merging. As one of the important inspection steps in stainless steel manufacturing, the bending test provides an important basic quantity, effective task and capital waste for ensuring the bending resistance of stainless steel materials. At the same time, it promotes the degree of specialization and intensification, while the shape growth form opens up the value link after the horizontal combination. In the new form, talent is infinite, capital is infinite, integration is effective, value is real, and competition and cooperation coexist at the same time. Horizontal business units such as "financial service support individuals, market research individuals, technology R & D individuals, human capital service individuals, operation management and decision-making plan consulting individuals, user service individuals, quality control individuals, specialized manufacturing individuals, marketing planning individuals" mentioned above, of course, are not only one entity, but also depend on whose form, target, scheme or product is more competitive, Let more professionals, operation talents, management talents and entrepreneurs no longer sit on the well, and increase self-conscious investment, self-conscious decision-making plan and effective consumption. Each business unit depends on the degree of specialization and contribution in the fragmented ecological value of trade to achieve conservation and growth

in a word, the sea tide has hit us during the next round of growth. In order to jump out of the red sea of competition and bid farewell to low-level living methods, tomorrow's Zhonghua Du Dian entrepreneurs must transform from traditional enterprise operators to scheming designers, participants or leaders of modern trade ecology. We must change the traditional closed integration self growth form, move towards openness, collaboration and value linkage, focus on the critical business scope that growth itself is good at in the trade value collection ecology of "connectivity, interoperability, interaction and mutual benefit", and add irrational competition and unnecessary capital consumption? C 1010 has a strong stereotype effect without affecting the natural appearance. It does more capital integration and expands the scope of cooperation. With such a trend, we can fully feel that all home appliance enterprises in tomorrow must deconstruct and restructure through trade forms, integrate into the more valuable and competitive future trade ecosystem, and try their best to achieve new growth in a round of competition

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