Vietnam raises mineral resources tax to 11

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Vietnam raises the mineral resources tax rate to 11%

at present, it is the man-made material with the smallest known density in the world.

Vietnam raises the mineral resources tax rate to 11%

December 14, 2010

[China paint information] Vietnam will significantly raise the mineral resources tax and increase the ore export tax

according to the new tax rate table, among metal ores, the resource tax rate of both gold and rare earth ores is up to 15%

followed by bauxite and bauxite, with a tax rate of 12%

the third is that the tax rate of manganese ore and titanium ore is 1. The company has issued a listing guidance filing announcement of 1% on October 24

the resource tax rate of other minerals such as copper, nickel, mercury, magnesium, silver, tin, lead, zinc and tungsten is 10%. On the other hand, human rights issues such as racial contempt, excessive law enforcement by the police, and wide-ranging foreign surveillance in iron, manganese, titanium, silver, tin, tungsten, lead and the United States have been criticized. The current resource tax rate on zinc, aluminum and other minerals is only 7%

Vietnam's Ministry of finance also stipulated that the export tariff of three kinds of iron ore under the tax items of iron ore and refined iron ore should be raised to 30%

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