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On July 14, vertical communications, a supplier of commercial communications solutions, announced that it had completed a financing of US $21.5 million, with PNC bank and Trinity capital participating in the investment subject to the restrictions and requirements of test conditions and work effectiveness. The company will make use of this financing to improve the company's financial situation, and will use it in several ongoing strategic plans, including innovative development and market expansion activities

vertical communications, founded in September2004 and headquartered in California, is a communications platform and application provider. The company provides cloud computing, mixed voice, page real-time communication (webrtc) technology, mobile and messaging solutions to create key business workflow for companies in retail, automotive, medical, health care, hotel and other industries, improve daily operation efficiency, and promote the sales industry to ensure that people can better use experimental machines and provide excellent customer experience. Vertical's products and solutions have won many awards. Combined with the company's customer-centric business model, it can better change the operation mode in the field of communication technology

vertical CEO Peter Bailey said: we are very happy to cooperate with PNC bank and Trinity capital to complete this strategic partner financing, which will help our company enter a new stage of overall development and business expansion. With this financing, we have additional growth opportunities, including entering new markets and acquiring some enterprises. At present, the demand for Enterprise Cloud communication solutions market is growing. Our company is in a favorable position in product supply, execution capacity and financial support. We hope that the company can use this financing to optimize the implementation plan and further enhance its position in the product service market

vertical is currently implementing some major initiatives. The company recently launched vertical one framework, which can promote the delivery of unified communication, workflow applications and single Advantage software communication services through hybrid Cloud Architecture. Enterprises use the vertical one framework to easily deploy a wide range of communication functions and enterprise productivity tools. Enterprises can also customize these functions and tools to promote workflow management and improve organizational efficiency

in addition, vertica1 must close the mouse guard in time. Vertica1 has also actively carried out a series of market development activities. At present, in addition to the communication solutions for the retail and automotive industries, the company also invests in the healthcare and hotel industries, and will enter more industrial market fields later. In addition, the footprint of the company in the national direct sales business is also expanding. At present, the company has provided services to more than 20 major cities in the United States

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