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Some colors, the moment you hear the name, you decide to use it. Let Qianzhuang embroidered wall cloth take you to appreciate these eye-catching specific colors

do you have such a feeling that you want to change in a sunny afternoon and bright sunshine, such as giving your home more time in the sun. After I got this idea, I began to think about my home, my bedroom and my living room. Under the new light, I was ready for change and renewal

the first step is to make luxurious color schemes for your home. We are all attracted by specific colors, but we should imagine how to use them in the room, or what color combination to use, whether it is moody, colorful, spring, or even dramatic

however, there are some colors. At the moment you hear the name, you decide to use it

Hermes orange

it meets people's aesthetic needs for modern life

its flamboyant, classic and fashionable label

has become an eternal luxury taste

Hermes orange, an unshakable fashion status

stands out from many colors

is labeled as a luxury era label

Hermes orange

is undoubtedly the most representative fashion appeal

classic Perfect, impeccable

Hermes orange uses the combination of Hermes orange checkered curtains and bedding to create a gentleman themed space, which firmly catches your eye and inadvertently reveals a fashionable atmosphere

when the simple bright white wall of Hermes orange is used as the background, the fabric art is used to create a Hermes orange theme space, which is combined with the hot pink representing enthusiasm and exquisite modern decorative paintings to create a dreamy and sweet space

Pompeii red

is the color that can enhance the style and show temperament

and the bedroom, using black and red to decorate the bedroom

must have unexpected effects

when elegance and nobility release the most in color and style in the space

it will give you a distinctive sensory experience

during the Pompeii red Roman Empire, in Pompeii, in other cities in southern Italy, The nobles began to decorate the murals of the mansion with this red on a large scale, and Pompeii red became the symbol of Roman architecture in that era

ivory black

a color that will never go wrong

has dark decadence

and there is no lack of maturity and steadiness

he is the darling of fashion

mysterious and irrelevant

being able to match all colors has become an eternal law

in some cultures

black is regarded as elegant

classic is a typical color symbolizing luxury and power

ivory black matches white in space, Simple personality and gold collocation can show dignity. It can be said that black is a very inclusive color. Simple and powerful black can dress up the space as a bold look

mykonos blue Mikonos blue

is permeated with the clarity and coldness of the sea water

metallic color and gray

is the sea water slapping the Rock Island

is the sea water flowing convoluted with fine sand

the combination of dynamic and static

brings the tranquility and coldness of the deep ocean to the room

is the best choice for design

Mikonos blue is the rich color of the exclusive Aegean Sea.The. Whether it's cloth bag, sofa or living room floor tile, combined with the blue and white pattern of Mikonos blue, it looks more eye-catching against the backdrop of a large area of white, creating an elegant and dignified fashion space

life should not be the same

occasionally adding a little color

will make everything look different

can a touch of advanced color in front of you

arouse your love for life?

Qianzhuang embroidery is a modern leading enterprise specializing in the production of high-end embroidery background and other fabrics, integrating product research and development, production and marketing. Qianzhuang is located in Jiaxing, known as the home of silk, and inherits and carries forward the essence of Chinese embroidery culture. With the mission of "innovating embroidery technology and carrying forward embroidery culture" and the purpose of "creating the art of life", Qianzhuang is committed to creating a new model of the integration of embroidery and soft clothing

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