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The difference between villas and ordinary houses is that they have a large space and need to be divided into various areas. Many villas will have attics, so how about the decoration of the attics? Today, Xiaobian will talk with you about the relevant knowledge of villa attic decoration to see what needs attention

the difference between villas and ordinary houses is that the space is large, and each area needs to be divided. Many villas will have attics, so how about the decoration of the attics? Today, Xiaobian will talk with you about the relevant knowledge of villa attic decoration to see what needs attention

precautions for villa attic decoration

1 Attic type

different attic types have different decoration methods. There are generally two types of Attic: top floor with attic, attic and top floor imagination and pure attic. The first is the most common

2. Attic lighting

generally, the area of the attic is not too large. At this time, lighting needs special attention. If the lighting is not enough, we must use lighting to make up, and we can also choose some unique lamps

3. Penthouse oppression

penthouse space is limited, which is easy to give people a sense of depression. Therefore, when decorating the villa, we can use more warm colors to increase the sense of space extension

4. Attic furniture

the space is small, and the furniture should be smaller. It should be reasonably used and stored. According to the different utilization of the attic, a reasonable design should be carried out

villa decoration skills

1 In interior decoration, many people will choose to use marble to decorate the ground, but it is recommended not to use all marble. The weight of marble is dozens of times higher than that of floor tiles and wooden floors. If the ground is completely paved with marble, it may make the floor overburdened. Because the weight of floor decoration materials of houses above the second floor that have not been identified by the house safety appraisal station shall not exceed 40 kg/m2

2. If there are elderly parents and young children at home, special attention should be paid to skid resistance. Bathroom decoration should pay attention to the smoothness of corners, the height of equipment and the overall convenience performance; In terms of the floor, anti slip should be taken into account, and metal and glass materials should be used as little as possible

3. It is not allowed to pierce the bearing wall at will, dismantle the wall connecting the balcony and doors and windows, expand the size of the original doors and windows, or build additional doors and windows. This practice will cause local cracks in the building and seriously affect the seismic capacity, thus shortening the service life of the building. In addition, the decoration of balcony and toilet should try to use materials with small load, because excessive overload of balcony will overturn

4. Many owners asked about the pursuit of luxury. They will stick plates on the wall and inlay twoorthree layers of three-dimensional ceilings on the ceiling. In fact, such decoration practice is not desirable. Because the four walls are covered with plates, the occupied space is larger than that of the whole space, and the cost is relatively high, which is not conducive to fire prevention at the same time; In addition, the low ceiling will make the whole room feel depressed

5. Villa electrical appliances should be reasonably wired for a long time. If the power supply device in the villa bathroom is more professional, computers should be used to simulate the location of electrical appliances and sockets, and the location of electrical appliances should be reasonably distributed for practical use. In addition, the bathroom space of the villa is best to separate the dry and wet areas, and electrical appliances and sockets are installed in the dry area to avoid unnecessary accidents

the above is the villa attic decoration precautions and villa decoration skills that Xiaobian brought to you. I hope the above can help you. If you want to know other relevant information, please continue to follow this website, and look forward to more highlights




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