Decoration companies have many quotation problems,

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Home decoration is originally a complex process. When we look at the decoration quotation, we should keep an eye on it, ask thoroughly, and figure out the source of each item, so as to avoid falling into the trap of the decoration company

first, break down items (project name)

break a project into several items. When the unit price comes down, the total price goes up. This trap is a common trick used by decoration companies

for example, dismantle the wall tiles into two items: wall base treatment and wall tiles

II. Unit transformation

change the items that should have been quoted by square meters to quoted by meters

for example, doorcases are generally quoted by decoration companies, but some decoration companies quote by meter, so a doorcase becomes 5 meters, and the unit price goes down, but the total price goes up

third, play tricks on quantities

many companies often use quantities as traps to obtain higher profits

for example, latex paint does not deduct the area of door and window openings. The wall and floor tiles of kitchen and bathroom are calculated according to the full paving, but when they are pasted, they are only pasted where the eyes can see. As for the back of the cabinet, they are not pasted. Some also deliberately miscalculate and overstate the quantities. How can decoration save more money? On, free design budget quotation. When it was found, the budgeter made a wrong calculation and dealt with it. Some of them deliberately understated the quantities of the project and negotiated the contract at a low price. Half of the project was completed. Due to the previous calculation error, they asked for increased payment

fourth, the unit price of main materials plays tricks

instead of famous brand products with clear prices, they use unknown products to replace them, so that consumers do not know the price

fifth, the price of auxiliary materials is reported to be high

consumers study the main materials in detail, and do not know the price of auxiliary materials, so decoration companies often use auxiliary material design traps

for example, the quotation of latex paint accessories is 6 yuan/square meter, but the actual price is below 2 yuan/square meter

VI. the prices of main materials and accessories are not reported separately

decoration companies often use this trick to fish in troubled waters

for example, if the floor is 200 yuan/square meter, including auxiliary materials, the decoration company may only use the products of 150 yuan/square meter. It's a good name. It hasn't calculated your auxiliary material price yet

VII. Double counting

the door installation has been included in the hinge, and the floor nail has been included in the floor installation. Then at the end, a project hardware, 3000 yuan, was added. When the budgeter asked what materials it was, he didn't know why. This was a common trap used by small decoration companies in previous years, and now it is used less




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