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Naturally, there are many details to pay attention to in autumn decoration. However, in view of the dry climate during this period, what symptoms will appear in the later stage of decoration? The wooden board of the cabinet is not easy to regain moisture, and the paint and paint are easy to dry, but at the same time, the dry weather will also bring some negative problems to the kitchen decoration. These are the so-called common diseases after decoration. How to deal with them

introduction 1: cracks appear in the cabinet wood

when the air is dry, the wood will not return to moisture, and the paint and coating are relatively easy to dry, but if the prevention is improper, it will also bring some trouble. For example, if proper treatment is not carried out, small cracks will appear on the surface of the wood, and the edge of the wood line will shrink, thereby affecting the appearance of the decorative panel

countermeasures: when decorating in autumn and winter, the wood transported to the site should be placed in a ventilated place and sealed with oil, otherwise the wood surface will have small cracks due to the rapid loss of water. The wood line used for trimming is solid wood, and the moisture content is higher than that of the decorative panel. After processing, the surface should also be sealed as soon as possible. If the moisture in the wood line is lost, the wood line will shrink, which may also affect the appearance of the decorative panel

strategy 2: wood floor shrinkage, board seam enlargement

the floor has been repaired many times, and the seams at the interfaces of different materials &hellip& hellip; Many decoration projects just completed in summer have problems to varying degrees as soon as autumn and winter enter, and repeated repairs are ineffective

countermeasures: after autumn and winter, the decorated rooms in spring and summer will have cracks and cracks in varying degrees. The decoration problems caused by seasonal reasons can be properly repaired, but it is best not to repair them immediately. If they are repaired at this time, the water will continue to volatilize and may still continue to crack. Therefore, when repairing in autumn and winter when there are problems in decoration, we should wait until the next spring. After the temperature difference between cold and warm seasons changes, the cracking and deformation problems will no longer develop, and then carry out a one-time repair

introduction 3: wallpaper cocking, cracking, etc.

wallpaper is prone to such problems in autumn and winter: after the wallpaper or wallpaper that has just been pasted is blown by the wind, it begins to bulge, cocking, even cracking and falling off locally

countermeasures: replenish water + dry in the shade. Decoration in autumn and winter should not only be carried out for wallpaper “ Replenish water ”, Also let the pasted wallpaper or wallpaper dry naturally in the shade instead of “ Ventilation ”. When decorating in autumn and winter, wallpaper and wallpaper must be soaked in water before paving, and then painted with glue. After paving, you can't open doors and windows as in summer, so that the wall can dry out quickly

strategy 4: the color is too warm

autumn and winter gradually turn cool with the weather, and people will unconsciously like some warmer colors. If the decoration is carried out in this season, the whole home atmosphere will often be made warmer. Once it comes to spring and summer, too warm colors are not suitable

countermeasures: choose neutral color + use soft decoration to adjust the theme color. When decorating in autumn and winter, try to avoid the illusion and misleading of the autumn and winter atmosphere to the visual senses. Objectively examine your tendency when purchasing building materials, try to choose some neutral tones, and reserve more “ Imagination ”, Then use the different decorative effects of cloth art, decorative painting, handicrafts, etc., such as the thickness and lightness of color, the thickness and softness of texture, and finally change the seasonal demand of the home environment





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