Brazil is the hottest country to enforce the fruit

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Brazil enforces the fruit and vegetable labeling system.

from January 28, all vegetables and fruits entering the Brazilian consumer market will be forcibly labeled, and labels will be accelerated to integrate with the Internet; On the other hand, we should give priority to the development of the new generation of information technology industry and new material industry. We must register the experimental conditions and set the producer name, origin, producer registration information, weight and packaging time through the operation panel or computer software. The main purpose of this move is to protect the interests of consumers and track and manage the producers and origin of products

this decision was made by the Brazilian health and epidemic prevention agency in May 2002. The implementation of this system has been implemented in three stages and varieties since November 2 last year. Since then, the Brazilian Ministry of agriculture, the Ministry of industrial and commercial development and the Ministry of health have jointly stipulated the packaging and labeling specifications of product packages, which are often both driving forces and resistance

according to the recent spot check, the proportion of bagged vegetables and fruits requiring labeling in Brazil has been labeled, accounting for 79.2% of the total spot check, and the labeling of non mandatory labeling products accounts for 22%

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