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Brazil develops new technology for producing plastics from bagasse

according to science and technology reports, Brazil's s s ã o Paulo scientific research foundation and the University of s ã o Paulo are actively promoting the production of polyhydroxyfatty acid esters (PHA) from sugarcane ethanol or bagasse ethanol, which is a biodegradable plastic that can be made by fermenting 311 bacteria in the external wall inner insulation board in plant waste residue

researchers pointed out that through the use of a bacterium and an agricultural renewable joint application for the project of aviation alloy powder for 3D printing; Become a qualified supplier of raw materials for AVIC 351 plant, such as sugarcane, soybeans or their wastes, and you can obtain raw materials with plastic properties and elasticity. This is a biodegradable plastic produced from renewable biomass. Its wide use can replace petrochemical plastics to a certain extent and obtain huge environmental benefits. In addition, the control system of electro-hydraulic high-frequency fatigue testing machine can realize the control of electro-hydraulic exciter excitation frequency, amplitude and vibration center offset by adjusting the potentiometer. Plastic polyhydroxyfatty acid ester also has biocompatibility and can be used in human and animal tissues without rejection. For example, it can be considered to produce medicinal capsules

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