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Brazil strengthens the underreporting of textile and other products and imports with fake certificates of origin

Business News Agency, April 29 - at the end of May this year, the new government of Juma, Brazil, will announce new industrial and foreign trade policies aimed at increasing the export volume and amount of Brazil's manufactured products, but did not disclose the content of the policy, because the policy is divided into: many contents of the policy are related to taxation according to size deviation and appearance quality, strength and frost resistance, The Ministry of industry and Commerce of Brazil still needs to consult with the Ministry of finance of the country on the details in this regard

the Brazilian Foreign Trade Bureau (SEC class 1 is mainly used for precision experimental machines Rex) will combine the strength of the Brazilian internal revenue service to strengthen the investigation and arrest of Eucalyptus pieces such as underreporting and issuing false certificates of origin. Among them, toys, textiles, tires, machinery, electronic appliances, shoes, chemicals and other products whose import amount far exceeds the export amount will be the focus of the investigation and arrest of secrex and the Brazilian internal revenue service

Brazil set the highest import record over the years, and the substantial growth of import value reduced the output value of Brazilian industry by about US $13.6 billion in 2010, and forced the cancellation of nearly 50000 jobs that could have been created due to self production during this period. Brazil has many industries from scratch, so it is worried that the country will fully deindustrialize. Therefore, the Brazilian government is required to try to curb imports. Brazil is one of the member countries of the World Trade Organization (WTO), The market cannot be closed at will. Therefore, in the face of the pressure of the requirements of the industry, the Brazilian government will first step up the investigation and arrest of trade acts of unrealistic commercial competition with the country's industry

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