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On May 26, Shengze chemical fiber Market - polyester filament

on May 26, Shengze chemical fiber market had a small polyester trading volume, and the trading atmosphere was ok, especially the polyester FDY coarse denier yarn was popular, and some varieties rose again. Shengze has been spinning the semi gloss part of FDY and dayuoguang FDY, and the prices of other spinning factories have been temporarily stable. In Tongxiang, most products rose by yuan/t. In Taicang, polyester POY products are mainly produced and sold smoothly. The ex factory prices of several fdys in Wuxi also rose

from the perspective of variety trading, dayuangguang fdy300d-600d and DTY coarse yarn are quite dynamic. Among them, the downstream demand of dayuangguang fdy420d has increased, which is mainly used to produce Oxford cloth luggage fabrics. For example, the market transaction price of dayuangguang fdy420d is about 12650 yuan/t, an increase of 50 yuan/t compared with yesterday's price. FDY dayouguang fine denier series products sell well in Shengze market. After the forging work of semi mechanical press is completed, the slider path goes up to extinction fdy10. It is reported that the 0d/72f market sales are active. Dty75d/72f (collateral) has good market demand, and warp knitting is used to produce eyecloth, golden velvet, etc; There is also sporadic demand for water jet weaving. The price of dty75d/72f (winding) silk from large manufacturers in the market is about 15600 yuan/t, and dty150d/48f and 200d/96f are shipped smoothly. The purchasing power of textured POY is acceptable. For example, the mainstream price of 150d/48f is 11850 (produced in Tongxiang), and the market of textured POY is still low-key. Judging from the current polyester market pattern, after the price increase a few days ago, the purchasing power of downstream weaving has fallen, and spinning manufacturers tend to be cautious in raising prices. However, with the help of costs, polyester still has the possibility of a small increase in the short term

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