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Zhengzhou military anti riot vehicle lighting instructions

Zhengzhou military anti riot vehicle lighting instructions

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Zhengzhou military anti riot vehicle lighting instructions

the collocation of lamps and lanterns is the most avoid "chaos and complexity". Spotlights, downlights, lanterns, chandeliers, wall lamps are all used, and the light sources are colorful, dazzling. Building a good indoor light environment requires good planning: lamps and lanterns are correctly positioned and lighting is people-oriented. The entrance hall is the place that gives people the first impression when entering the room. The light should be bright, and the position of the lamps should be placed at the junction of the entrance and the indoor space. Setting lights on cabinets or walls will make the hall feel spacious. Ceiling lamp with wall lamp or spotlight, elegant and harmonious. The inductive lamp system can solve the inconvenience of going home in the dark. The second stage adopts a new multi string transformer resonant half bridge circuit structure. The resonant circuit controller is placed on the secondary side of the transformer output, which directly carries out constant current feedback frequency conversion resonance control on the total current flowing through the LED, and realizes the current balance on the output side of the multi string LED through the magnetic balance of the transformer. According to Guangtong, we can calculate the number of LEDs and the approximate power of the heat source, and then we can design the heat dissipation system. At present, the passive heat dissipation (such as adding a bucket) is strictly prohibited for those with traceable standards, so we can only rely on our own heat dissipation structure. (direction: larger heat dissipation surface area can be detected when there is oil leakage, higher dissipation conductivity, radiator utilization efficiency, and insulation solution) for the design of heat dissipation system, we design a temperature rise limit, such as when the ambient temperature is 25 degrees, it is not greater than 25 degrees, and then calculate the system thermal resistance. The living room is a common activity place for the family. It has received visitors, audio-visual, reading, games and other merits, and won the title of "the 9th consumer satisfaction unit in Jinan". It needs a variety of lights to fully cooperate. If the living room is larger (more than 20 square meters) and the floor height is more than 3 meters, it is advisable to choose a larger multi head chandelier. Chandeliers have a great impact on the overall style of the living room because of their bright lighting and eye-catching style. The living room with low height and small area should choose ceiling lamp, because the light source is about 2.3 meters from the ground, and the lighting effect is the best. If the room is only about 2.5 meters. When designing lamps and lanterns, we must have a sense of cost, and every part and detail reflects the designer's unique cost vision. The rationality of material cutting should be considered in the use of plates, reflecting the principle of minimum spare materials

led street lamps are different from conventional high-pressure sodium lamps in that the light source of high-power LED street lamps adopts low-voltage DC power supply, which has the advantages of high efficiency, safety, energy saving, environmental protection, long service life, fast response speed and so on, and can be widely used in urban road lighting. Under the condition of the same color temperature, LED lamps should comprehensively weigh whether they are energy-saving in luminous flux and average life, whether they are convenient for maintenance and light color

instructions for lighting fixtures of Zhengzhou military anti riot vehicles the methods for measuring LED junction temperature and thermal resistance generally include: infrared micro imager method, spectral method, electrical parameter method, photo thermal resistance scanning method, etc. Using infrared temperature measurement microscope or micro thermocouple to measure the surface temperature of LED chip as the junction temperature of LED, the accuracy is not enough. At present, the commonly used electrical parameter method is to use the linear relationship between the forward voltage drop of ledpn junction and the PN junction temperature, and obtain the junction temperature of led by measuring the forward voltage drop difference at different temperatures. Apply a reverse voltage to the tested LED lamp and adjust the regulated power supply. The reading of the ammeter is the reverse current of the tested LED lamp. It is the same as measuring the forward voltage, because the resistance of LED is large when it is turned on in reverse, so the internal connection method of ammeter is adopted. The thermal characteristics of LED have an important influence on the optical and electrical characteristics of LED. Thermal resistance and junction temperature are the main thermal characteristics of LED2. Thermal resistance refers to the thermal resistance between PN junction and shell surface, that is, the ratio of the temperature difference along the heat flow channel to the power dissipated on the channel. Junction temperature refers to the temperature of PN junction of LED. The withstand voltage grade of high thermal conductivity plastic can reach 6000V AC, which is suitable for non disconnector constant current power supply and hvled high-voltage linear constant current power supply. This kind of LED lighting fixtures are easy to pass the strict safety inspection of CE, TUV, UL, etc

the color rendering index indicates the amount that the light emitted by the light source correctly reflects the color of the illuminated object. It is usually expressed by the general color rendering index RA, which is the arithmetic mean of the color rendering indexes of the light source for eight color samples. Color rendering index is an important parameter of light source quality, which determines the application range of light source. Improving the color rendering index of white LED is one of the important tasks of LED research and development. Any radiator, except 1. Model and specification: MWW ⑴ 0 to quickly transfer heat from the heat source to the surface of the radiator, the most important thing is to rely on convection and radiation to dissipate heat into the air. Since ancient times, lamps and lanterns have not only the role of lighting, but also a very good decorative role. In modern times, its style is more diverse and can shape a lot of styles. The bamboo lamp woven with bamboo shows the softness and fortitude of bamboo, with hardness in softness and straightness. The colors of bamboo lamps and lanterns are divided into bamboo natural color and bamboo discoloration. After dehydration, drying and finalization, the natural color of bamboo can form a fresh and elegant appearance by painting, while the discoloration of bamboo requires painting and spraying different colors on the bamboo body to show more content and complex. Chinese style, new Chinese style and even Japanese simple style can be adopted

this means that led shopping malls have broader opportunities. New urban construction means that more people will turn from the countryside to the city, and more urban complexes will appear, which will bring more opportunities to the lighting profession in commercial lighting, for example, opening the door to the use of LED for shopping malls, shopping malls transformation, etc. When the luminous efficiency of high-power LED lighting products can be doubled every 18 months, people all over the world are paying close attention to it and have speculated whether our world will change because of semiconductor technology? Today, LED lighting products semiconductor lighting has broken the dominant position of traditional sunlight and various control situations, which can smoothly switch lamps and incandescent lamps. It has become a widely used light source with the advantages of energy conservation and environmental protection, and is expected to become the mainstream product of the entire lighting industry. The low power factor indicates that the driving power supply and circuit design used are not good, which will greatly reduce the service life of the lamps. The low power factor will not prolong the service life of the lamps no matter how well they are used

the heat generated by Zhengzhou LED is always transmitted as soon as possible. Therefore, we usually add nanotubes or other things under the aluminum substrate to better homogenize and conduct heat. The cost-effective way is to add graphite sheets. You can consult the supplier for relevant information. When choosing LED lamps and lanterns, we undoubtedly consider that they are more energy-saving, environmental friendly and no stroboscopic. However, under long-term use, LED lamps and lanterns are also worn. With some wrong operations, it is easy to damage led lamps and lanterns. High thermal conductivity plastic radiator can design many precise cooling wings, which can be made many and very thin, and the heat dissipation area can be expanded to the largest extent. When the cooling wings work, they automatically form air convection and diffusion heat, and the heat dissipation effect is good. You can directly control the local lights according to your usual habits; According to your needs, the switch can set the required control objects arbitrarily. For example, the button in the lobby can be used to turn off all lights; In this way, when you leave home, you can turn off all lights with one click, which is not only energy-saving, safe, but also very convenient. Use various ways to manage the lighting control system, touch screen, network, PDA, so that users can use the simplest method at any time. The terminal in any place can control the lights in different places

in addition, the utilization rate of the top section of the radiator wing is always the lowest. In order to improve this problem, some companies have introduced heat pipe heat dissipation. In fact, heat conduction and heat dissipation are two different concepts. Here I want to talk about heat pipe, which can conduct heat quickly and increase the utilization rate of some heat dissipation fins. Therefore, in terms of cost performance evaluation, we can consider and choose according to the actual scheme.. It can also be combined with experimental data by means of software simulation. With the development of social science and technology, the cost of LED components has also been significantly reduced year by year. At present, the cost and price are still falling by more than 20% per year. If we use the analogy of daily energy-saving lamps, energy-saving lamps save 4/5 energy than incandescent lamps, and LEDs save 1/4 energy than energy-saving lamps. The energy consumption of LED components in the same LED lamp in cars is 1/20 of that of halogen lamps. The LED used in the headlights has a higher response speed than xenon lamps and traditional halogen lamps, which ensures better driving safety. The content and form of lamp design are mainly light. The new LED light source promotes the innovation of lighting design and development, which has changed our lighting concept to a great extent, so that we can be liberated from the limitations of traditional point and line light sources

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