Installation principle of the hottest xenon lamp a

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Installation principle of xenon lamp aging test chamber

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use of xenon lamp climate resistance test box

xenon lamp aging test is a comprehensive climate test device. In addition to the climate aging test, it can also test the light resistance of high-score materials, that is, polymer materials are exposed to artificial light sources that simulate the sunlight spectrum through glass to evaluate the light resistance of materials. Simulated and intensified experiments are carried out from the main climatic factors of light energy, temperature, rainfall or condensation, and humidity; Xenon arc lamp, which can simulate the full sunlight spectrum, is used to reproduce the destructive light waves existing in different environments; Xenon lamp climate resistance test chamber can provide corresponding environmental simulation and accelerated tests for scientific research, product development and quality control, and can be used for the selection of new materials, the improvement of existing materials, or the evaluation of durability changes after material composition changes; It is applicable to plastics, rubber, paint, coating, ink, paper, medicine, food, cosmetics, textiles, auto parts, packaging materials, building materials, electrical and electrical products, etc

structural characteristics of xenon lamp climate resistance test chamber equipment

the shell of xenon lamp climate resistance test chamber (vertical) is cold-rolled steel sheet electrostatic spraying or high-quality stainless steel plate, and the inner tank is high-quality stainless steel plate. The radiation source is an air-cooled all solar spectrum xenon lamp, the radiation intensity is automatically tracked, the blackboard temperature can be accurately controlled, and the irradiation cycle, dark cycle and spray cycle can be freely set according to relevant test standards or customer requirements. The controller of xenon lamp weather resistance test chamber (desktop) can choose imported touch screen controller or intelligent digital display controller according to the user's own needs

the sample rack of xenon lamp climate resistance test chamber (vertical) is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, and the flat drawer type or drum type sample rack can be selected according to the requirements of users

sn-900 xenon lamp climate resistance test chamber is equipped with UV irradiation sensor, which can make timely correction for the decline of light energy caused by lamp aging or any other changes. The UV irradiation sensor allows you to select the appropriate light irradiation during the test. The UV irradiation sensor can continuously monitor the light irradiation intensity in the irradiation room, and accurately maintain the irradiation intensity at the set value by adjusting the power of the lamp

The water spray cycle of

sn-900 can effectively simulate the process of temperature upheaval and rainwater erosion. Because it is often washed by rain, the paint layer of wood, including paint and colorant, will have corresponding erosion. Recent research results show that this rainwater layer is washed away, thus directly exposing the material itself to the destructive effects of UV and moisture. The rainwater spray function can reproduce such environmental conditions and enhance the climate aging test of some coatings

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conditions at the use site of the equipment

temperature: 15 ℃, the main chemical components of fly ash formed after coal sintering are also quite different ~35 ℃

relative humidity: no more than 85% RH

no strong vibration and strong electromagnetic field around

no high concentration dust and corrosive substances around

no direct sunlight or other heat sources

no strong airflow around. When the surrounding air needs forced airflow, The air flow should not be blown directly onto the box

the test chamber should be placed stably and kept horizontal

a certain distance should be left around the test box to facilitate maintenance and operation

the installation site is well ventilated

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