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Installation steps of woodworking gantry band saw machine tool

automatic gantry saw features:

① automatically detect the sheet metal, and quickly return to the original working state after cutting the required sheet metal

② the cutting speed is controlled by frequency converter, which can overcome the plates with different thickness and materials

③ pneumatic floating bead table top is used for feeding, which makes heavy plates as easy as possible

④ automatic feeding by manipulator, low labor intensity and high production efficiency; ⑤ Imported computer numerical control automatic positioning, eliminate artificial errors, and greatly improve the dimensional accuracy

⑥ the perfect configuration of the tracking and pressure absorption system can fully meet your high-quality requirements

⑦ cutting expert plate cutting and layout optimization software can greatly improve the user's work efficiency, reduce production costs, improve revenue, and improve the utilization rate of plates. It is the best choice for plate cutting and layout in enterprises. According to the comprehensive data obtained from the actual production and use, without the use of cutting experts, the cutting and layout of plates are excellent. Before we get up in the morning and brush our teeth and squeeze our toothpaste, the utilization rate of plates is significantly improved and the cost of raw materials is reduced. At the same time, the software's dynamic tracking management of leftover materials further improves the utilization of leftover materials and reduces the cost again

the band saw machine produced by the horizontal gantry saw manufacturer is a machine that uses the high-speed saw wheel to drive the saw blade to cut wood. The operation rules of the band saw machine:

1. Do a comprehensive inspection before starting the machine, and check in detail whether all parts of the machine and safety protection devices are in good condition, whether the saw blade is damaged and cracked, and whether there are nails, lead wire heads or other hard debris on the wood. Only when there are no problems can the machine be started

more than 3/4 of them are hot-air plastic granulators. 2. After starting up, press the key on the computer to start the experiment. Only when the saw blade reaches a high speed can it be fed. The feeding speed should be controlled according to the soft and hard material, whether there are knots, cracks and the thickness of sawing material; When feeding, pay attention to observe the saw mouth. When entering the saw, be stable and slow, and do not use too much force; To prevent the saw blade from damaging people

3. During sawing, always observe the movement of the saw blade in operation. If the saw blade moves back and forth, breaks and other abnormal phenomena occur, immediately stop the machine to prevent the saw blade from breaking and hurting people

4. During the operation of horizontal gantry saw, a certain distance should be maintained between the hand and the saw blade, and the distance should not be less than 50cm, and it is not allowed to extend the hand over the saw blade to prevent hand injury

5. When sawing, it is not allowed to adjust the guide rail while sawing; During the operation of the saw blade, it is not allowed to adjust the saw card, which greatly reduces the costs to prevent accidents

6. When sending back the wood, pay attention to the position of the wood and the saw blade to prevent the wood from colliding or jacking off the saw blade. In case of clamping during sawing, the saws of the wood should be separated by hands, and do not reverse to prevent the saw blade from falling off. When the path of the saw blade on the worktable is blocked by wood chips,

use a wooden stick to peel it off. If necessary, stop the machine and remove it. Do not remove it by hand to prevent hand injury

7. When unloading the saw blade, be sure to cut off the power supply and wait until the saw blade stops stably; When changing the saw blade, keep your hands steady to prevent people from being hurt by the bouncing of the saw blade

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