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Installation requirements and process of bridge crane reducer

requirements for the foundation of the installation of reducer. According to the structure and size of the drive device, the installation of reducer is divided into two ways: the reducer and the motor are installed on the same base plate; If the size of the reducer is large, install the reducer directly on the basis of the driving device. Before installing the reducer, the foundation quality of the driving device should be checked, and it can be installed only after meeting the following requirements:

1> the foundation should be solid and reliable since the mid-910s, and keep it horizontal, without sinking

2) the shape of the foundation, the configuration and size of the bolt position shall meet the requirements of the unit

3> the foundation surface should be clean and free of dirt such as oil dirt, soil and garbage

installation process

1) when the reducer is installed on the foundation, it should be calibrated with a level, and it is allowed to adjust with metal gaskets or cushion blocks (at the same position, the number of gaskets should not exceed two, and the number of cushion blocks should not exceed three)

2> sampling quantity. In order to avoid deformation of the box and maintain the meshing state of the reducer gear pair when leaving the factory, the cushion blocks (or gaskets) should be arranged symmetrically on both sides of the functional foundation bolts of the zigzag testing machine

3> after the reducer is installed and calibrated on the foundation, the bolts should be tightened evenly without looseness, and the tightness of the bolts should be consistent

4) the coaxiality between the shaft end of the reducer and the connecting parts of the motor drum or wheel shall meet the requirements of selecting the coupling

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