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I believe everyone is familiar with tires and hubs. Modern cars have adopted a large number of aluminum alloy wheels, which are not only light, durable, but also beautiful. However, if you are not equipped with the original car and change it yourself, you should think twice. There are many different styles of aluminum rings on the market, which is indeed dizzying, but there are many points to pay attention to when replacing aluminum rings. From the most obvious appearance, although it is easy, the difference of the aluminum ring is not only in the shape, but also in the material and the basic setting value of the original factory, which are the heaviest. 7. When starting up, lift the swing rod by hand and suddenly put down the key link

1. Rim offset value: this value is the value from the center of the rim cross-section to the fixed datum plane of the screw hole. It is positive for ordinary cars and negative for a few vehicles and some jeeps. For example, the offset value of a vehicle is et40. If you replace the aluminum rim of et45, it will be better than that of the original manufacturer. Therefore, this newspaper interviewed experts specializing in aluminum deep processing market Mr. wangdengwen, general manager of Beijing Baihui consulting company, the iron ring is more retracted into the wheel arch. This design is related to the steering characteristics of the vehicle and the wheel alignment angle. The original set value is usually optimized. An offset value with a large gap may lead to abnormal tire consumption, easy bearing wear, and even runaway side effects when the tire blows out at high speed. Don't be careless

2. PCD value and hole location: hole location refers to the number of locking nuts when the rim is fixed, which is generally 4 or 5 holes. PCD value is the diameter of the circle formed by connecting these holes. Therefore, 8 holes may be drilled on some rims to adapt to two different PCD values

3. Diameter inches and j numbers: this item is also related to appearance. It usually rises one level (for example, 14 to 15), which does not greatly hinder the original acceleration, but affects the handling, road surface and appearance visual effects. If you skip a grade, you need to consider it. Although it is better in some aspects, the cost of tire replacement is also a factor to be considered because of the increase in rolling quality, acceleration of heavy towing, fuel consumption, and reduced comfort

on the contrary, if you only change the aluminum ring without upgrading the size, it will be obviously helpful to the acceleration. The number of J represents the number of inches of the rim width. Generally, if the number of J of the original iron rim (5.5j) is directly used to match the tire with the upgraded tire width, it is mostly insufficient. Therefore, when choosing aluminum rim, if there is a plan to change the tire width, you must first choose the rim with a larger number of J (such as 6.5j, 7J) to avoid the dilemma of big feet and small shoes in the future

in addition to the above, when replacing the aluminum ring, it is necessary to determine whether the quality is reliable. It is best to have products that have passed the quality certification, or international well-known brands, so as not to threaten the driving safety due to the poor quality of the aluminum ring. At present, there are not many companies in the auto parts market that are really professional. Most of them only consider whether you like it or not. They are responsible for the installation. There are really cases where the offset value does not meet the standard, which should attract everyone's attention

secondly, about the selection of tires. When it comes to choosing tires, everyone cares only about the brand and width, but even if the horizontal data of different series of tires of the same brand is greater than or equal to the vertical data, there are great differences. Take Goodyear 185/60r14 tires as an example, there are basic general-purpose tires GPS series, taxi series suitable for taxis, more advanced GT3 and the famous Eagle series. If you don't pay attention to the distinction, you may even buy retreaded tires with a price of about 200, which is very dangerous. For those who pursue performance, they can choose Eagle series tires, which can greatly meet the requirements of vehicle sports performance. At present, most car owners install ordinary GPS series

then there is the problem that it is easy to ignore when installing tires. Please pay attention to a problem that few people care about. When installing tires, you should pay attention to the red dot mark on one side of the tire, and which position of the hub valve should be aligned within the 30 degree angle range, so as to facilitate tire balance, reduce the weight of the balance weight, and achieve true balance. In addition, adjusting dynamic balance by counterweight alone cannot fundamentally solve the problem of tire jitter. If the tire jitters, the most important thing is to check whether the hub is deformed. Generally, aluminum alloy hubs rarely have deformation problems, while steel hubs allow us to discuss that the casting of the experimental machine is prone to imperceptible deformation, remember. (end)

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