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The operation manual of the lifting weight limiter

the lifting weight limiter (hereinafter referred to as the limiter) is a safety protection device for limiting the lifting weight on the lifting equipment of bridge cranes and gantry cranes. The anti-wear layer and the base metal stripping device are composed of controller and sensor, which can display the weight of lifting objects and prevent personal accidents. Therefore, it is of great significance to the modern safety production of metallurgy, mining, wharf, storage and other industries

the limiter instrument adopts the single-chip microcomputer control technology, and its main functions are: through the access of the force sensor signal, it can measure in real time and display the lifting weight at the same time. When the weight reaches the set value, it has the function of audible and visual alarm, output control signals, and cut off the power supply of the lifting circuit. It has the characteristics of accurate weight display and convenient debugging

working principle of lifting weight limiter:

after the weight of the heavy object lifted by the lifting machinery is detected by the resistance strain sensor, the weight of the physical object is linearized and converted into an analog electrical signal, which is sent to the amplifier for amplification, and then a/d is converted into a digital quantity, which is transferred to the single chip microcomputer for processing and sent to the digital display screen for display. At the same time, the single chip microcomputer compares the measured weight with the preset rated load, When the weight of the heavy object is found to reach the rated load, the limiter will send out an alarm sound to remind the operator to pay attention. Finally, when the immediate alarm point is reached, in addition to sending out a continuous alarm sound, the relay in the limiter will act, immediately cut off the lifting contact power supply of the crane, and the crane will stop working in the unsafe direction, but will not affect the action of other mechanisms, so as to achieve the protection effect of load limit

technical indicators of the lifting weight limiter

1. Scope of application: 3~150 ton bridge or gantry crane (other types of lifting machinery can be customized according to user requirements)

2. Load limiting error: less than ± 2%

3. Alarm method:

1) warning point: when the weight of the lifting weight reaches 90% of the rated lifting weight, an intermittent warning sound will be sent out, and the weight of the weight will be displayed on the display screen

2) time delay alarm point: when the weight of the lifted object reaches 110% of the rated lifting weight, the intermittent alarm sound will be sent out again for 2 seconds, which is slightly slower than the first time, and the weight of the object will be displayed on the display screen at the same time

3) immediately alarm the point. When the weight of the lifted object reaches 130% of the rated lifting weight, a continuous alarm sound will be sent, and the power supply of the crane lifting contactor will be cut off at the same time

for the above three alarm points, the "green sorting" limit can be introduced in the comprehensive sorting in the e-commerce platform, or it can be set arbitrarily in the instrument according to the specific requirements of users

4. The static strength of the sensor (that is, the sample is not in the jaw, in the jaw, in the parallel section or outside the gauge distance) is 3 times the rated load

5. Working temperature of sensor and controller, -25~+60 ℃

6. Allowable relative humidity range: 20~95%

7. Allowable range of power supply voltage: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz or AC380V ± 10% 50Hz, power consumption 5W

8. Relay contact capacity: AC380V 5A

9. Voltage withstand range of controller: below 2000V

10. Display mode: 4 high brightness red LED digital display

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