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Installation, commissioning and test run of roller crusher

(I) the machine has installation and adjustment:

the user unit participates in and supports the two industries to reduce production capacity. Examine the foundation drawing attached to this manual, design the foundation construction drawing, and install the machine firmly on a specially designed foundation. In order to better bear the uniform force generated by the machine during operation, sleeper strips can be placed under the underframe to make the whole machine fit with the sleeper strips, And reserve the discharging position

this machine is supplied in the form of complete assembly, but it must be carefully checked whether the machine is damaged and whether the sliding part and lubricating part are rusted during the long-term storage in the transportation process. After confirming that the machine is complete and assembled with plunger rod, plunger plug, finger flange and closed system, the cop syringe body can be installed without damage. After the machine is installed and leveled, the transmission part can be installed according to the drawing, The transmission belt should be adjusted to a proper position, and the pressure spring must be adjusted to a proper position

after the completion of all installation, it is also necessary to strictly bolt and check all fastening parts to ensure that there is no looseness

(II) test run of the machine:

after the installation of the machine, the test run must be carried out before it is officially put into production

1. Idling test:

the machine must be tested for continuous idling for not less than 2 hours at the use site. The bearing temperature rise shall not exceed 30 ℃, the maximum temperature length shall not exceed 40 ℃, and the sprocket, reducer, V-belt pulley, roll and other parts shall rotate smoothly without abnormal noise, and there shall be no collision between rolls

2. Load test:

on the basis of good idling test, the load operation test can be carried out, and the load test time shall not be less than 8 hours of continuous operation

determine whether the actual discharge degree and output meet the requirements, and ensure that the temperature rise of the bearing shall not exceed 35 ℃. The crusher shall work smoothly without severe vibration, and all fasteners shall be firm. All lubricating points must be filled with lubricating grease. Secondly, the sealing should be good without leakage

during operation, if it is found that the output or particle size does not meet the requirements, it can be adjusted by using the adjusting bolt at the rear end of the movable device. If it is found that the current fluctuation is unstable during the mechanical resonance rotation of Jinan experimental machine, it is necessary to check whether the feed particle size meets the requirements, and it can be put into production after the load test is normal

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