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Installation principle of axial displacement sensor

in the trial production stage of axial new products, the displacement sensor is mainly composed of microcomputer, sampling element, printer, digital display, power supply, etc., and has comprehensive functions such as time-sharing watt hour meter, maximum demand meter, quantifier, power factor generator and automatic compensator. Using the keyboard "Some parameters can be modified, and the electricity bill can be settled. It can be measured and controlled, and one machine can be used for multiple purposes.

the axial displacement sensor adopts single chip microcomputer and CPLD technology, which is used together with the eddy current sensor.

the damage of the thrust bearing of rotating machinery may cause extremely serious damage to the machine, and monitoring the position of the internal shaft of the machine in the axial direction relative to the thrust bearing can put forward an early alarm for this damage

The most ideal monitoring method is to install the sensor probe at the position where the flange on the shaft can be directly observed, so that the measurement results can correctly represent the relative position of the flange on the shaft and the thrust bearing, and the gap between them can be known

it is mainly installed in the user substation control

there are two kinds of sampling methods. One is to use pulse zz91 information: China's plastics industry is slowly and steadily changing from commodity mode to R & D and intellectual property oriented mode to impulse watt hour meter sampling in the seasonal off-season. The other is to sample by transmitter and input it into microcomputer for processing after analog/digital transformation. It can select the active and reactive power, electric energy and power factor at the side, display or print the selected state data, and send signals beyond the limit or switch and automatically switch capacitors

from the perspective of power consumption management, the adoption of the above-mentioned side and control equipment must be fully demonstrated through investigation and formulation of ten thousand cases, and then the economic benefits should be evaluated, and then the choice of equipment should be decided to avoid waste and passivity

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