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Instructions for daily and regular maintenance of domestic CNC punch press

the maintenance of CNC punch press is a daily work that must be carried out by production staff to maintain the normal technical state of the equipment and extend the service life. It is one of the main responsibilities of production staff. The maintenance of Qingdao Donghe CNC punch press is divided into routine maintenance and regular maintenance

first, daily maintenance of CNC punch

daily maintenance of CNC punch includes pre shift maintenance and weekend maintenance, which is researched and broken through by the production laboratory.nbsp; Graphene materials can be prepared on a large scale

1. Maintenance before shift change. Carry out spot inspection on the punch before shift change to check whether there is any bad condition during operation; Check the oil quality and quantity of the oil tank and lubrication device of the press, and add oil according to the lubrication chart; Check whether the safety device and power supply are in good condition; After confirming that there is no error, the vehicle shall be operated empty first, and the operation can be carried out only after the lubrication and all parts are normal. During the operation of the equipment, it is necessary to strictly observe the operating procedures, observe the operation conditions, and stop the machine immediately in case of any abnormality. For the faults that cannot be eliminated by yourself, fill in the "equipment fault repair request" and submit it to the maintenance department for maintenance. After the repair is completed, the production staff will accept and sign it. The repairman will record the maintenance and replacement on the repair request, and submit it to the workshop mechanic for statistical analysis to master the fault dynamics. It takes about 15min to clean and wipe the equipment before going off duty, cut off the power supply, apply oil to the sliding guide rail of the equipment, clean the work site and keep the equipment clean

2. Weekend maintenance. Every weekend and before holidays, the equipment shall be thoroughly cleaned with hours to remove oil stains, and the mechanic (Engineer) shall organize the maintenance team to check and score, and publish the scoring results

3. Regular maintenance of CNC punch press

regular maintenance of CNC punch press is a regular maintenance operation carried out by production staff under the guidance and cooperation of maintenance workers, which is carried out according to the plan of the equipment management department. The hidden trouble found in the maintenance operation is generally adjusted by the production staff themselves. If it cannot be adjusted by themselves, the maintenance workers are the main ones. The production staff cooperate, and make records according to the regulations, and submit them to the machinist (Division) for registration and transfer to the equipment management department for filing. After the regular maintenance of the equipment, the mechanic (Engineer) shall organize the maintenance team to check and accept the equipment one by one, and the equipment management department shall conduct random inspection as an assessment of the implementation plan of the workshop

second, the main contents of regular maintenance of CNC punching machine:

1. Monthly maintenance

a. carefully clean the inside of the control cabinet

b. check, clean or replace the air filter of the ventilation system

c. check whether all buttons and indicators are normal

d. check whether all electromagnets and limit switches are normal

e. check and tighten all cable joints and check for corrosion and damage

f. comprehensively check whether the safety protection facilities are complete and firm

2. Maintain every two months

a. check and tighten the hydraulic pipeline connector

b. check whether the power supply voltage is normal, whether there is phase loss and poor grounding

c. check all motors and replace brushes as required

d. check whether the hydraulic motor leaks and replace the oil seal as required

e. start the hydraulic system, open the bleeder valve, and exhaust the air in the hydraulic cylinder and pipeline

F. check whether the coupling, pulley and belt are loose and worn

g. clean or replace the protective felt pad of the sliding block and guide rail

3. Quarterly maintenance

a. clean the coolant tank and replace the coolant

b. clean or replace the oil filter of hydraulic system and servo control system

c. clean the headstock and gearbox and refill with new lubricating oil

d. check whether the interlock, timer and switch operate normally

e. check whether the contact pressure of the relay is appropriate, and clean and adjust the contacts as needed

f. check whether the working clearance between the gearbox and transmission components is appropriate

4. Maintenance every half a year

a. take hydraulic oil for test, and according to the test results, clean and replace the hydraulic oil tank, dredge the oil circuit, and clean or replace the oil filter

b. check whether the working table of the punch is level, whether all locking screws and adjusting sizing blocks are locked, and adjust the level as required

c. check the adjustment mechanism of the inlay and slider and adjust the clearance

d. check and adjust the load of all transmission lead screws, clean the rolling lead screws and apply new oil

e. disassemble and clean the motor, add lubricating grease, check the motor bearing and replace it as appropriate

f. check, clean and reinstall the mechanical coupling

g. check, clean and adjust the balance system, replace the steel cable or improve the industrialization level chain of materials such as lithium iron phosphate, 3-element positive electrode, high-energy density silicon carbon negative electrode, battery grade lithium carbonate, nano manganese carbonate, new energy power battery shell and iron nickel base corrosion resistant alloy as appropriate

h. clean the electrical cabinet, numerical control cabinet and circuit board, and replace the invalid battery that maintains the ram content

in a word, it is necessary to regularly maintain the cleanness of each guide rail and sliding surface of the punch to prevent strain and grinding, and regularly check the material of the replacement clamping ring: the operation and positioning of the stainless steel sus#304 tool manipulator and tool magazine

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