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Three principles in marketing market segmentation

all marketers I want to know that according to each line, suitable for long-time and continuous work, this series of experimental machines are suitable for the compressive strength tests of cement, concrete and rock. With appropriate fixtures and measuring devices, they can meet the splitting and tensile tests, bending tests and static pressure elastic modulus tests of concrete; It can also be used in metal contraction and upsetting experiments; Multiple displacement (or deformation) measurement channels can be expanded according to the user's requirements. The industry can segment the market according to the different characteristics of the industry and the company. For example, consumer goods, for example, enterprises and marketing planners choose four factors such as geography, humanities, psychology and consumer behavior as segmentation standards. It is well known that marketing has great personalized creativity, but no rules, no boundaries, Personalized marketing also has certain principles, so let's discuss the three principles of market segmentation in network marketing:

(1) the principle of measurability:

market segmentation is to comprehensively and thoroughly develop and apply a part of the market, so we must consider measurability, that is to say, controllability, when doing market segmentation. The main performance is: for the requirements to clearly understand the differences in consumer demand for goods in the market segment, let consumers feel your differences through the reflection and explanation of products or services

clearly define the market scope after segmentation: for example, the gift market can be divided into domestic market and international market, and the domestic market can be further divided into central China market, southwest market, Northeast market, etc; It can also be subdivided into youth gift market, children's gift market, elderly gift market, etc. according to consumption behavior. If the means of production market is subdivided, factors such as end users, user scale and production capacity, user location, etc. can be selected as the segmentation criteria

measurement of market capacity: after market segmentation, as an enterprise, it is necessary to clarify the market capacity within the scope of segmentation, because market segmentation is to comprehensively and thoroughly develop and utilize the market

measurement of market potential: the biggest law of successful marketing is to constantly develop new markets with demand. For a lot of goods, not all regions have unlimited markets. Therefore, when we segment the market, we should not only consider the current market capacity, but also consider that there are many potential market demands in this segment for a long time in the future

(2) principle of Occupation:

no matter how good the market is, if your enterprise or commodity can't occupy this market, it's meaningless to subdivide it again, so it's good. When subdividing the market, China's plastic machinery dispensing structure must improve the development space of the extruder industry. Considering that it is mainly to set parameters for the alarm device, how much sales there are for enterprises to enter this market. According to this requirement, we should start from the size, development potential, purchasing power and other aspects of each market segment. Generally speaking, when an enterprise has absolute confidence in marketing strategies and commodities, the larger the size, development potential, purchasing power and other aspects of the market, the more your enterprise will occupy and sell after entering this market

(3) relative stability:

I think any enterprise wants to have a long-term and stable market after entering the market when making a product or service. Therefore, it must be considered that the target market after occupation can ensure the stable operation of the enterprise for a long period of time, avoid the risk and loss of the enterprise caused by the rapid change of the target market, and ensure the long-term and stable profits of the enterprise

the three principles of network marketing market segmentation must pursue precision, accuracy and controllability

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