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Forge ahead and help the new ecosystem of the landscape lighting industry

for a preview, please watch the lighting show of the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up in Shenzhen at the invitation of friends before the festival. I wanted to miss the rush hour, but I didn't expect the scene to be crowded and crowded. When I saw the huge 'I love you, China' on the wall, with the sound of music, I found that I cried. An old man was a little embarrassed. He secretly wiped away his tears for fear that his peers and future generations would see the joke, so he glanced at everyone. Several spectators on the scene were actually wiping their tears, which immediately relieved me, oh! It turns out that everyone is the same

during the National Day holiday, I often see reports of light shows all over the country on TV. I have also discussed a lot with friends in the industry. I also think a lot about the development of landscape lighting industry. I think I should take advantage of the holiday to sit down and write some simple opinions

in recent years, the popularity of urban landscape lighting, I think people with important skills in the landscape lighting industry should have a deep feeling. Our project has gradually changed from a single mode to an overall linkage project. Originally, it was dominated by the owner, but now it is dominated by the government. The scale has also increased from millions, tens of millions to hundreds of millions or even more than a billion, and there are cities that are often billions. From simple lighting to serving tourism and urban beautification, the current landscape lighting has become a key project of the government to benefit the people. The grand scene and the scale of investment have repeatedly reached new highs, which is a very typical phenomenon in the development of urban landscape lighting industry in recent years

There is no doubt about the value of light, which includes social value, environmental value and economic value. First of all, the happiness index that Xi dada has been mentioning since taking office, lighting enriches people's nightlife experience and provides a safe living environment, which is a manifestation of social value to improve the level of people's livelihood; Secondly, lighting can respond to different psychological demands, environmental conditions and citizens' psychological expectations of the environment, and carry out targeted design

for example, through a variety of control systems to properly control this variable demand, to meet people's demand for a better lighting environment value; Lighting can also use the characteristics of space carrier to expand the time depth and scene width of resources, improve the efficiency of resources, and give more value to space, so as to highlight the economic value of lighting. For example, at this stage, the night tour of cultural tourism is in full swing, in which light plays a vital role in high linear speed

with the significant improvement of the status of urban landscape lighting, the role of lighting designers has been raised to a new height. Lighting design involves many basic professional knowledge, and more importantly, lighting designers are professional workers who use light to re create the carrier. Lighting design needs to respect people and the environment, and let light stay in the place where it should be. When all light gets along well with people and the environment, and uses light to express the carrier and space, in this way, we can describe a picture of Jinan gold testing tensile testing machine. No matter which industry it is used in, its main machine structure is a consistent dialogue map between light and people and the environment. Over the years, China Lighting society has done some work in the cultivation of lighting designers in order to turn stones into new materials and replace plastics. It is suggested that lighting practitioners learn more about lighting design

at the same time, I also realize that the improvement of lighting designers' professional quality is becoming more and more important. The starting point of design should not only be their own preferences, but to solve urban management or livelihood problems

value comes from being needed. The social, environmental and economic benefits of the design should be balanced. The design work should be coordinated from the needs of both public happiness and urban competitiveness. This is what planners and designers should do

design is definitely not a niche issue, not a pure work of art, so it does not encourage the elite self appreciation complex of designers, nor does it agree to impose their own aesthetic views on others

as for the relationship between visual elements such as architecture and landscape and lighting, lighting designers must design on the basis of respecting the structure, environment and culture of the building itself, and sort out the relationship with carriers such as architecture, landscape, facilities and advertising, so as to achieve the harmonious coexistence between lighting and them

however, the architectural physical environment is only the carrier of lighting art works. Lighting can completely complete the secondary deconstruction and interpretation of the architectural physical environment, and form a systematic visual solution on the basis of full investigation. Lighting designers need to tell stories with light, which also means that lighting designers need multi-dimensional and multi role repositioning

at present, when landscape lighting is developing at such a high speed, some projects also have various problems, such as too bright, too dazzling, disturbing residents and difficult to operate and maintain, which requires industry practitioners to prevent, control and solve in the process of planning, design and implementation

similarly, there are risks in capital control, and it is suggested that governments at all levels should act according to their capabilities. However, the biggest hidden worry is the trough after the climax. This high-speed construction cannot exist for a long time. What should we do to cope with the arrival of the trough? It is suggested that relevant enterprises appropriately control the expansion, including personnel, equipment, office space, branches, debt level or the integration of upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, take the whole industry as a resource pool to balance the operation, and encourage multi-level cooperation up and down the value chain, So as to avoid overcapacity in the industry and serious waste of social resources

at present, the city is regarded as a big stage, and the building is turned into a TV, which is a common phenomenon. This phenomenon can be said to make everyone a little visual fatigue, which leads to the problem of thousands of cities. Although the government needs to publicize positive energy through the media facade, for urban lighting design, the premise of using light well is to understand the demands and culture of the city, and the best one is suitable for urban characteristics. The feature of urban lighting is the feature of the city. Lighting is only strengthening and rendering and highlighting this feature, so landscape architecture can adopt a variety of other lighting methods, such as projection, projection, etc

the development of landscape lighting industry is in full swing, and criticism is also heard. It is suggested that industry practitioners carefully listen to these criticisms, especially constructive criticism, face these opinions with a grateful attitude, and seriously consider how to improve themselves and prevent risks, so as to jointly promote the development of the industry

everything has a bottom line. If you evaluate or spread it with vulgar words, it is smear. This is not criticism. We should refuse and resist any behavior that lowers the overall quality of the industry. We need to take practical actions to teach young people by words and deeds, leaving them a larger and better space for development

over the years, the society has also done a lot of work in the landscape lighting industry. Many experts in the same industry often communicate and absorb a lot of the essence of their thoughts. They agree with some of them very much. Usually, I like to walk more, look more, listen more, stop and think about it. I think it is necessary to write an article to communicate with you. If there is anything wrong, I welcome your criticism and correction

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