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It is reported that in the public welfare testing activities, if ordinary simple decoration houses do not use less inferior building materials, the formaldehyde content in the indoor air generally will not exceed the standard, or the exceeding standard will not be too serious, so what will be the situation of the hard decoration house

Yang Xujun, director of the indoor air detection center of the chamber of Commerce for decorative building materials in Qingdao Development Zone, "rooms with more furniture have a heavy odor."

the home of Ms. Wang, the owner of the Phoenix community in Qingdao, adopts fine decoration. From the floor to the furniture, it obviously tends to create a European romantic atmosphere. In order to unify the style, the furniture in Ms. Wang's bedroom also chose the white Department of piano baking paint, which is simple and elegant. In addition, the walls of the bedroom are covered with decorative and textured wallpaper

the wallpaper looks very beautiful, and the effect of pasting is very coordinated with the overall style, but large-area wallpaper is easy to bring the hidden danger of formaldehyde exceeding the standard. Ms. Wang is quite confident about this

"its glue is also environmentally friendly. Bad wallpaper tastes very strong after pasting, but good wallpaper should have no smell."

according to Ms. Wang, these were explained by the wallpaper seller. So is there any hidden danger in this beautifully decorated bedroom? The inspectors generally made an empirical prediction

"the hidden danger lies mainly in the wallpaper. This cabinet is also bad. The film should be removed before it is uncovered. If it is not removed, its formaldehyde will not volatilize."

the most exact conclusion will ultimately be drawn through rigorous experimental analysis. Through parallel sample collection, the final results were finally obtained after the inspectors brought the test samples back to the laboratory for an hour

"now the actual test results have come out, which is 0.12 mg/m3. The mining and beneficiation projects with an annual production capacity of 1.2 million tons have been built, which is 1.5 times higher than the standard."

although we haven't made a specific single test, we can't determine the source of this formaldehyde in the end. The traditional hydraulic universal testing machine should adopt the equivalent step-by-step loading method to determine the elastic modulus, while loading and recording where, but now it seems that this kind of environmental friendly glue used in large-area wallpaper is not always as environmentally friendly as the propaganda. Here, I would like to give some suggestions to friends who want to decorate the house. Use as few wallpapers as possible, and choose small furniture that exceeds the standard as far as possible

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