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Formaldehyde in "Weishen brand" polyvinyl acetate lotion exceeded the standard

in the second quarter of 2010, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision conducted a special supervision and spot check on the quality of adhesives for interior decoration materials. A total of 45 batches of products were supervised and checked this time. After inspection, a batch of "Weishen brand" polyvinyl acetate lotion produced by Shanghai Weishen decorative materials factory was unqualified

it is understood that a causes the pressure of its four corners to fall evenly. Aldehyde is a colorless gas with a strong pungent odor. Living in an environment with excessive formaldehyde content will lead to formaldehyde poisoning symptoms, generally manifested as dizziness, pungent smell, tears and palpitations. Long term exposure to formaldehyde will also increase the possibility of cancer

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at least after the destruction of the earth production date/batch number

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added hrb600 brand

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unqualified items

polyvinyl acetate lotion

Weishen brand


Shanghai Weishen decorative materials factory

.Shanghai Weishen decoration material factory

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