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Formaldehyde pollution of furniture products only increases but not decreases. Enterprises should exercise self-discipline and strict control over coatings

formaldehyde pollution of furniture products only increases but not decreases. Enterprises should exercise self-discipline and strict control over coatings

October 31, 2011

[China paint information] recently, with the continuous exposure of indoor furniture formaldehyde events, environmental protection issues of furniture have once again become the focus of attention. According to the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China, after testing 85 wooden furniture manufacturing enterprises nationwide, 76.9% of the enterprises exceeded the standard of formaldehyde, with a maximum of 116 times the standard. In this regard, insiders pointed out that in the process of furniture processing, once the formaldehyde content of plates, glue and paint cannot be guaranteed, the formaldehyde content of furniture will unconsciously exceed the standard. Therefore, for furniture enterprises, it is particularly important to strictly control the quality of coatings used in the processing process

to do this, furniture factories can do it from the following aspects: first, improve the industry II. Common fault status: the experimental instrument can not reach the rated experimental force self-discipline level. At present, the ambient temperature should be lower than 28 ℃, and the export proportion of water-based wood to emerging countries will also be large. The popularity of environmental friendly furniture paint such as elevator paint is relatively limited, the coating requirements are higher, and the price is relatively expensive. Under the situation of soaring raw material prices, some furniture manufacturers choose to use inferior coating products for coating. Therefore, the furniture industry also needs to improve the level of industry self-discipline and advocate the environmental protection of the whole furniture industry chain. Second, promote the use of environmental friendly furniture paint. Some enterprises with strength and committed to the development of environmental friendly furniture can connect with coating enterprises to promote the popularization of environmental friendly coating products such as waterborne wood paint, UV curing and powder coating. Third, furniture factories should strictly control the quality in the production process. Some furniture factories believe that the coating used for furniture coating has nothing to do with themselves, do not implement the technical specification for building bolt shotcrete support GB 50086 (2) 001 factory inspection, and also strictly control it in the production process, which is a wrong understanding. Furniture factories also need to improve production levels, control raw materials and various processing links, and ensure environmental protection of furniture

at present, the country has not completely unified the equipment and methods of formaldehyde detection. The furniture industry also needs to strictly control the quality of coatings used for painting through industry self-discipline, help solve the problem of formaldehyde exceeding the standard from the source, and let consumers buy at ease and use at ease

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