Tianjin will build a number of new energy charging

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Tianjin will build a number of new energy charging facilities this year to serve citizens' green travel

CNR Tianjin news on March 27 (Xia Zhenyu, correspondent Ren Yulin) learned from Tianjin electric power that at present, Tianjin new energy vehicle charging piles and other "new infrastructure" projects have been fully resumed, with 40 new bus charging stations and 12 new high-speed service areas relying on technological innovation during the year, At the same time, in Tianjin, from the process to the result, it is of positive significance to the physical and mental health and all-round development of children. 800 charging piles have been built in 100 communities in the city, providing protection for the development of new energy vehicles and green travel of citizens

data statistics show that in 2019, the ABS charging capacity on the back of the new energy vehicle day TV in Tianjin also reached 355000 kwh, with a year-on-year increase of 73% and 145% respectively in 2018 and 2017, showing a rapid growth trend. In order to fully meet the development needs of new energy vehicles, Tianjin Electric Power Co., Ltd. has accurately laid out new energy vehicle charging facilities, continued to increase investment and construction in ensuring the operation of new energy buses, providing convenient charging services for private new energy vehicles, and building an integrated charging network in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, accelerated the implementation of "new infrastructure" projects, and fully supported the development of new energy vehicles and related industries in Tianjin

at present, Tianjin has built 854 charging and replacement power stations and 7216 charging piles. In the central urban area, the four districts around the city and the built-up areas of Binhai New Area, public charging facilities with an average service radius of 0.9 kilometers have been basically built. In other areas, infrastructure service networks with a service radius of 3 kilometers and 5 kilometers have been built respectively according to the density of residents and other aspects. According to the principle of "connectivity priority", 46 charging stations will be built in the service areas of 18 expressways, such as Beijing Shanghai and Beijing Ji, to achieve full coverage of Tianjin transit expressways and create a "1.5-hour traffic circle in adjacent cities of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei"; According to the principle of "convenience first", 756 charging piles for residents have been built in large business districts and 102 residential areas to meet the travel needs of citizens; In accordance with the principle of "backbone priority", 102 bus charging and replacement power stations were put into operation to ensure the green travel of 3500 pure electric buses in Tianjin; In accordance with the principle of "coverage first", we will build an electric vehicle charging service network covering all districts of the city. Up to now, China Tianjin company has completed a total of 339 million kwh of charging for various charging piles, reducing carbon emissions by about 252000 tons

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