In addition to developing new businesses, there ar

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In addition to developing new businesses, there are also big gold mines in the stock market of agricultural machinery

no matter how reluctant we are, the agricultural machinery industry is saying goodbye to the brutal growth. In 2016, the growth rate of the whole industry was 7%, and the crazy pace finally slowed down. Although it was still positive in the first half of 2017, the growth rate has lagged behind the average level of the equipment manufacturing industry

barbaric growth is only a short-term passion, and steady development is the proper state. Agricultural machinery workers should adjust their mentality in time, look at the barbaric growth from 2004 to 2016 with an ordinary mind, and also look at the slow growth in the future with an ordinary mind. What should enterprises accustomed to running fast pay most attention to when they are in a slow pace? The author believes that we should tap the stock opportunities of the industry

I. the stock market of the agricultural machinery industry is a huge blue ocean treasure

taking 2004 and 2017 as the two nodes of the time axis, the author believes that the agricultural machinery industry can be divided into three stages: before 2004, the government is looking for the policy direction, the enterprise is looking for the development direction, and qee-tech technology can form the complex 3D preforms required for thermoplastic composite parts, and has done a lot of tentative energy storage work; In the golden development stage in, with the help of the subsidy policy for the purchase of agricultural machinery, the industry achieved a rapid growth and a six fold growth in scale (in 2003, the total output value of the agricultural machinery industry was more than 73.4 billion yuan, and in 2016, it was 460billion yuan); After 2017, there is a post gold development period, which belongs to the stock mining stage

figure: during the golden development period from 2003 to 2016, the gross output value of domestic agricultural machinery industry has accumulated a huge amount of financial resources in the industry. In terms of the total amount, 3.5 trillion worth of agricultural machinery assets have been deposited in 12 years, with 25million tractors in the society, including 9million large and medium-sized tractors, 2.2 million combine harvesters and 1million rice transplanters. The use, maintenance, re trading and Scrapping and updating will generate a large number of business opportunities

in the history of China's agricultural machinery industry, there have never been such large assets and so many products. It is a new topic on how to make efficient use of these resources and how to dispose of these assets more reasonably. However, the business opportunities contained therein are obvious. The domestic agricultural machinery stock market is a treasure to be developed and a new huge blue ocean market, waiting to be developed and explored

II. Stock is a treasure, but where should we start

from the above, we can see that there is indeed a huge agricultural machinery stock market in China. If you want to stay in Baoshan without empty hands, you must find ways to tap big business opportunities and turn opportunities into wealth. From the perspective of production enterprises and dealers, you can try in the following aspects

1 extraction strategy for old businesses and products

extraction strategy is relative to rapid skimming. The quick skimming strategy is to set the price higher when the product just enters the market, recover the investment as soon as possible at the early stage of the product life and before the competitors develop the follow-up product, and obtain considerable profits

the extraction strategy is to take various marketing means to make every effort to obtain more profits from the existing business, products and market, and to extend the product life through product improvement or minimally invasive innovation as far as possible, so that the enterprise can "extract" as much profits from the old business and products as possible

extraction strategy is a common trick used by many multinational leaders. For example, when a multinational company and a well-known domestic state-owned enterprise jointly established a joint venture, they did not introduce their most advanced foreign products into the Chinese market. Instead, they upgraded and serialized the old Chinese products, invigorated the old products by injecting new business ideas and endowing them with powerful brand resources, and contributed more than ten years of profits to the joint venture; Kubota is also an expert in this field. If you follow up and study, you will find that different from domestic enterprises that often launch dozens of new products a year, Kubota rarely has new products available. Its pro688q has been selling well for ten years and is still its main product. There are some micro innovations every year, but there are no big changes. However, this product contributes more than half of Kubota's profits every year

domestic agricultural machinery should also break down the tasks to lower levels to learn from these "old drivers". In the stock market, we should first tap the value of existing old businesses and products, and "extract" as much value as possible in two years, rather than rush to invest heavily in research and development of new products

2 existing products do everything possible to expand their share

in the stock market, the size of the cake has been determined, or with the transfer of user demand, the original cake is becoming smaller, and the market forces among enterprises are rising one after the other. If your market share is high, you are grabbing food from competitors

in the incremental market, enterprises compete with keen sense of smell and supply guarantee ability, but in the stock market, they compete with the ability of positional warfare. We should strive for every inch of land through integrated marketing capabilities, and do everything possible to increase market share. In other industries, several large enterprises have jointly adopted the "dimensionality reduction method" of reducing prices to drive small and medium-sized enterprises out of the market, and then discussed how to divide the market. Although this method is controversial in law, it is one of the good strategies

3 seize the opportunity to update the stock and upgrade the old products

if the agricultural machinery products are worn out or the efficiency is too low, it is necessary to eliminate the old products and buy new products, which is called product stock updating. According to the research, the service life cycle of domestic agricultural machinery is rapidly becoming shorter, and the renewal and upgrading are accelerating. Ten years ago, the service life cycle of tractors was years, and now it is years. Ten years ago, the service life cycle of combine harvesters was years, and now it is years

the old will not go, and the new will not come. Agricultural machinery enterprises should seize the opportunity of the national agricultural machinery scrapping and renewal policy that linear bearings are a linear motion system produced at low cost. The enterprises' own marketing means such as old for new will speed up the elimination of old products, so as to make room for demand for old products, so as to facilitate the sales of new products

4 seize post market opportunities

in developed agricultural countries such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, the market profits before and after the agricultural machinery industry chain account for 3:7 or 4:7, that is, the bulk of the profits is behind. However, domestic enterprises mainly make profits in the product sales of the pre Market, and the gold mine of the post market has not been explored

the most noteworthy businesses in the agricultural machinery aftermarket are second-hand agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery operation services, agricultural machinery leasing services, maintenance, spare parts sales and other businesses

agricultural machinery operation service market. With the increase of the number of agricultural machinery, the focus of the national agricultural machinery subsidy policy will shift from the purchase link to the use link. In order to improve the enthusiasm of farmers to use agricultural machinery, it is possible that the agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy will become the agricultural machinery operation subsidy policy

at present, the annual demand scale of domestic agricultural machinery operation service market is 400billion yuan, mainly including three key operation links of grain crop farming, planting and harvesting, and the trans regional operation market, especially the trans regional operation service market, with an annual operation scale of more than 100billion yuan. In recent years, the operation scale has shifted from long-distance to short-distance, and from harvesting to one-stop operation services of farming, sowing, plant protection, harvesting, drying and transportation. The operation scale has developed in breadth and depth, The operation scale will increase in geometric multiples

according to the estimates of relevant institutions, the scale of the domestic operation service market will reach 650billion yuan in 2018. By 2020, after the domestic agricultural mechanization level enters the advanced stage, modern agriculture will enter the full mechanization and comprehensive mechanization. It is estimated that the scale of the operation service market will exceed 100billion yuan

second hand agricultural machinery trading market. There is a private trading market for second-hand agricultural machinery with a value of 30-50 billion yuan in China. Shandong has a trading volume of more than 20 billion yuan a year. From the perspective of the automobile industry, the ratio of used cars to new cars is 3.85:1 in the United States, 2.37:1 in Germany, 1.45:1 in Japan, 1.45:1 in South Korea, and 0.38:1 in China. With reference to the automobile industry and in combination with the current situation of China's agricultural machinery industry, the domestic market is still dominated by new car sales, and the trading volume of second-hand cars is very small, but the opportunity of second-hand agricultural machinery has come

the current market share of tractors, harvesters, rice transplanters and advanced agricultural machines and tools has exceeded 1 trillion yuan, including 800billion yuan for tractors, 200billion yuan for harvesters and 50billion yuan for large-scale high-end machines and tools. These equipment are still growing at a rate of more than 400billion yuan per year. In the future, the market turnover will increase year by year. In addition to the eliminated products, they also have a market value of 100 billion yuan per year based on 10% of the transaction volume, The annual elimination rate of mature markets can reach 30%, so second-hand agricultural machinery is a rich mine. In the stock market, enterprises must not ignore this market

share agricultural machinery and leasing market. Kevin, author of out of control Kelly said that the possession of things is no longer as important as it used to be, but the use of things is more important than ever. If borrowing enables you to enjoy the vast majority of the benefits of possession of an item, and reduces some of the adverse factors brought about by possession, such as you do not need to undertake cleaning, repair, storage, classification, insurance, upgrading and maintenance, do you still want to own that kind of thing through purchase

in some aspects, the right of use is better than the ownership. The sharing economy will have great potential in the field of agricultural machinery in the future. There are already shared agricultural machinery in Shandong, Hebei and Henan. It is very likely that the shared agricultural machinery and leased agricultural machinery will become the mainstream in the future, rather than direct purchase

according to the estimates of relevant institutions, the domestic agricultural machinery rental market in 2017 was 5billion yuan. In the future, the demand scale of the rental market will increase exponentially. It is expected that there will be at least 50billion yuan in 2020

both the stock market and the incremental market are markets, but their characteristics are quite different. One is the ability of enterprises to seize opportunities, and the other is the ability of enterprises to tap resources. However, the agricultural machinery stock market has arrived, and enterprises need to make a thorough transformation to become winners in the stock market

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