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UAV: in addition to high-speed patrol inspection at toll stations, it can also be unmanned

] since its inception, UAV has been applied in many industries, such as power, security, maritime, environmental protection, military, logistics, etc., and has played a positive role in promoting the application of high and new technologies in these industries

in recent years, UAV has been gradually applied to high-speed patrol work. With its omni-directional perspective and flexible characteristics, UAV can not only assist law enforcement through investigation and evidence collection and evacuation guidance, but also improve efficiency and release police force, and also carry out maintenance monitoring and detection. At present, it has been recognized by traffic management departments and highway management and maintenance units

what are the advantages of UAV compared with human

graphene, as a new two-dimensional nano material, has an important application prospect in the field of heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings. UAV patrol overcomes the flatness of road observation, and can adjust the flight angle and attitude according to the survey needs to obtain the best angle of view. The UAV can comprehensively collect highway traffic data at high altitude, so that the command department can grasp the overall situation. It can also fly at low altitude to carry out law enforcement and evidence collection for traffic violations

why hasn't UAV been popularized

UAV complements the current shortage of highway patrol, and has been favored by traffic management and highway maintenance departments. However, the existing form of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) manual patrol inspection is still insufficient in the application of high-speed traffic. UAV patrol management has not really achieved unmanned, automated and intelligent

01 the application is limited and must be controlled on site by professional pilots

relying on professional pilots to control the patrol operation of UAV on site, requires pilots to control the flight path, shooting angle, etc. of UAV. The labor cost is high and the operation is difficult, so the experience of pilots is very high

especially in expressway maintenance management, bridges and tunnels are located in complex terrain, and pilots cannot reach the work site in many environments. At the same time, due to long highway sections, dangerous terrain and many roads and bridges, the way that pilots control UAVs to patrol cannot meet the needs of high-speed maintenance

02 insufficient comprehensiveness and high safety risk

with the acceleration of traffic construction, the length of expressway mileage is increasing rapidly, and the difficulty of patrol inspection and maintenance is increasing. At present, there are two ways of highway patrol inspection: vehicle patrol inspection and foot patrol inspection. The vehicle patrol inspection takes up less human resources, but the speed of the expressway is limited. It is difficult to find the problem comprehensively when the speed is 40 km/h. In addition, the vehicle must drive in the lane at low speed, which affects the patrol inspection in the middle zone. There are also safety risks when the staff get off the vehicle for patrol inspection. However, the walking speed of 6~7 kilometers per hour has the problems of long inspection cycle, poor timeliness and high measurement difficulty, and the safety risk is also high

03 poor timeliness and difficult to respond in time

the UAV needs professional pilots to patrol the site. Due to limited distance, traffic and other conditions, it is unable to quickly respond to emergencies. Arriving at the accident site one minute every night will form a larger traffic jam. In terms of road maintenance, due to serious pavement wear, geological disasters and emergencies in areas with more mountains, it is easy to cause major accident hazards to high-speed traffic. Due to its strong suddenness and randomness, it also has high requirements for timeliness

04 poor endurance capability restricts patrol efficiency

the endurance capability of UAV is the short board of high-speed patrol inspection application of UAV. The endurance time of rotor UAV is about 30 minutes, and the effective operation time is shorter after mounting patrol imaging equipment

there are some problems in the form of UAV operation by flying hands at the operation site, such as poor timeliness, troublesome operation, high labor cost, short patrol time, etc. This limits the application of UAV in the field of high-speed patrol, making it only a supplement to the traditional patrol operation

the UAV airport is a traffic station. When UAV has no mission, it will be stored in the automatic airport. When there is a mission, it can take off from the airport at any time, perform the mission automatically and land autonomously. The unmanned airport has 4 sets of built-in batteries, which can automatically complete the replacement of UAV batteries and automatically charge the replaced batteries, so as to ensure that the UAV can carry out high-frequency and intensive patrol missions. The UAV can continue to perform tasks through relay flight between multiple automatic airports of PEEK materials and medical devices, so as to effectively expand the patrol scope

in terms of UAV, Fuya adopts Dajiang industrial UAV to realize edge computing capability by loading AI module, focusing on solving the problems of automatic flying and automatic shooting

auto fly. Taking the high-speed patrol inspection as an example, the UAV can automatically identify traffic violations such as occupying the emergency lane, pressing the line, illegal parking, and traffic hazards such as road tire debris and discarded objects. The Fuya patrol system automatically plans the optimal patrol route and flight angle of the UAV, obtains evidence on the scene and records location information

auto beat. The traditional manual remote control shooting is difficult, and there are problems such as blurring, overexposure, color deviation, missing and missing shooting. Fuya's method is to use AI algorithm to enable the UAV to analyze the image quality and adjust the PTZ attitude and shooting parameters in real time during flight, so as to obtain accurate and clear traffic scene panorama and scene map


ai patrol platform is the management platform of UAV airport and UAV, and also the data intelligent operation platform. The platform can formulate patrol missions for different application scenarios, and carry out target recognition and diagnosis on the image data returned by the UAV. With the help of AI algorithm, Fuya can automatically complete the preliminary diagnosis work and assist the manual to quickly find and analyze problems

in terms of traffic patrol inspection, China's expressway traffic is relatively congested, traffic accidents are on the rise, and the losses caused by accidents are relatively serious. Highway traffic accidents are characterized by high casualty rate due to fast speed, traffic jam for a long time after the accident, secondary accidents due to improper handling of the accident, and traffic police unable to rush to the scene due to a wide range of areas

in terms of expressway maintenance, high-speed maintenance management is the guarantee of traffic safety of high-speed roads. Foreign matters on the road, road collapse and ice and snow deposition all need the management department to respond quickly and deal with them pertinently. Bridges and tunnels are often located in steep terrain, with high inspection difficulty and huge demand for inspection teams

through the Fuya patrol flight system combined with the existing patrol command vehicle, it can achieve:

rapid response. UAV airports are deployed along the expressway and in accident prone areas. In case of an accident on the expressway, the traffic police cannot quickly reach the site due to distance or congestion, the command center can directly operate the nearest automatic airport, control the on-site traffic conditions through real-time image transmission of UAVs, understand the vehicle traffic conditions and the length of traffic congestion, obtain three-dimensional data from high altitude and ground, improve the survey progress, reduce police input Accelerate site evacuation and reduce traffic safety risks caused by long-term congestion

the UAV airport deployed along the expressway can meet the high-frequency daily road patrol, automatically identify and warn the foreign matters or tire debris on the road. In the event of sudden events such as road collapse, freezing rain and snow, the nearby UAV can rush to the site at the first time to identify the collapse volume, ice and snow thickness, location coordinates, traffic conditions, etc., and help the command center accurately invest human and material resources to quickly complete the traffic task

two deployment methods can flexibly meet the needs of various scenarios:

fixed UAV airport can be deployed along the expressway, important sections and accident prone sections according to actual needs. Improve response efficiency, optimize operation mode, and make high-speed patrol inspection work high-frequency, refined and digitalized

mobile UAV airport, installed on vehicles, with greater mobility. Supplement the deficiencies of the existing patrol vehicles, such as limited vision, limited traffic, fixed driving routes, etc. In case of an emergency, it can quickly command the UAV to rush to the scene of the traffic accident, and the patrol car acts as the emergency command center to command the overall situation. Compared with the patrol vehicle carrying UAV for manual operation, the mobile UAV airport can realize the functions of automatic take-off, autonomous landing, automatic power change, AI patrol shooting, intelligent diagnosis and identification, and avoid a series of problems such as the daily storage and maintenance of UAV, short flight time, high manual operation difficulty and time-consuming data analysis

emergency law enforcement. After the Expressway accident, it is difficult for rescue workers to arrive at the scene in time for treatment. The UAV can quickly rush to the scene, arrange rescue measures according to the on-site injury, and warn and punish the vehicles blocking the emergency road through the airborne call module if necessary, so as to clear the rescue channel. At the same time, it can quickly obtain evidence and enforce laws for simple traffic accidents, and guide roads to avoid large-scale congestion

intelligent operation. In the past, the pilot was required to control the flight path and shooting angle of the UAV, which required high experience of the pilot. Now, through path planning and AI identification and diagnosis of targets, it can automatically obtain evidence for illegal vehicles such as illegal parking, line pressing and road occupation in daily law enforcement. In traffic accident investigation, it can quickly identify and locate the tire axis and outer contour, and make accident panorama and scene map, so as to speed up the investigation progress and save police force. During daily road patrol inspection, it can automatically identify road surface problems that endanger vehicle driving safety, such as falling objects on the road, guardrail damage, road collapse, landslide, freezing rain and snow, and do 4. Regularly check the screws at the jaw to make rapid diagnosis and emergency warning

multi function mount module. According to the actual application requirements, mount the corresponding modules to realize a series of functions such as survey, detection, warning, shouting, lighting, laser positioning, further expand the UAV traffic law enforcement application scenarios, and improve the patrol efficiency of high-speed traffic police

big data application. Through high-altitude image acquisition, analyze and diagnose the image data of the sections and congestion nodes in the newly revised titanium dioxide industry access conditions for important road sections and dangerous roads. Use comprehensive traffic big data to improve traffic management command efficiency and management quality

Fuya UAV fully autonomous patrol system has obtained a number of patent certifications. It provides UAV patrol system application products and services. It has been widely used in high-speed patrol, river patrol, meteorological monitoring, road patrol, electric power patrol and other fields. It is the first fully autonomous UAV patrol system to achieve commercial application

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