The two products of the railway turnout switch mac

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On September 27th, 2009, the science and Technology Department of Sichuan Province hosted the scientific and technological achievement appraisal meeting of "the current power sensor of railway switch machine is named te COPD, and the switch indication voltage sensor" in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. An expert group composed of 10 experts from Sichuan Science and Technology Department participated in the appraisal meeting

the meeting was presided over by maoyuanqing, a researcher from Sichuan Science and Technology Department; The leaders of Weibo first delivered a welcome speech to the experts; Sit up soft and comfortable. The host announces the requirements of the appraisal meeting and the members and team leader of the expert group

the appraisal committee listened carefully to the summary report, scientific and technological novelty search report, economic benefit analysis report, user usage report and other relevant technical reports made by Mianyang Weibo Electronics Co., Ltd., carefully examined the relevant technical documents, watched the product site, and the inspection plans currently known in Europe and the United States were mostly demonstrated in the third quarter. The appraisal committee considers that the project has reached the leading level in China and agrees to pass the appraisal

the scientific and technological achievements appraisal meeting of "current power sensor of railway switch machine and switch indication voltage sensor" presided over by Sichuan Science and Technology Department was successfully concluded. The "current power sensor of railway turnout switch machine" developed by Weibo company has obtained the national utility model patent (CN). These two products have been widely used in the domestic railway market. The products have formed large-scale production and achieved remarkable economic benefits

Weibo will continue to study and practice the scientific concept of development, take innovation as the core of development, and strive to develop more and better new products that can meet the needs of market development

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