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Pirci: in addition to mechanical safety, there is another point that cannot be ignored in the future factory.

industry 4.0 is considered to be the future development direction of the global manufacturing industry. The future factory built by intelligent technology will bring industrial production into a new realm of man-machine cooperation. In order to adapt to the development trend that the gear teeth and rods are too dirty and can not be recycled, many factories have begun layout transformation

what will the future factory be like

at present, there is no final conclusion. A hundred people may have a hundred ideas, but there is a consensus that safety and security will be an indispensable part of the intelligent manufacturing system


before talking about mechanical safety, let's talk about what is mechanical injury:

injuries caused by extrusion, collision, impact, shearing, entanglement, throwing out, cutting, stabbing, etc. when mechanical equipment is moving (stationary) and components, tools, and machined parts are in direct contact with human body

simply speaking, mechanical injury refers to the injury caused by equipment to personnel due to unsafe state of equipment or unsafe behavior of people. The ultimate goal of mechanical safety is that even in the above two unsafe situations, the equipment will not cause injury to personnel

the simplest and most direct way to avoid harm caused by the machine to people is to directly cut off the energy supply and shut down the machine in case of danger. This method is simple and effective, and it is not difficult to realize. It can be achieved through special safety wiring or components, such as safety relays

however, this kind of hardware based method is not suitable for intelligent manufacturing scenarios that need to constantly change the factory layout

what intelligent manufacturing needs is a comprehensive dynamic solution based on the changing automation process and functional safety requirements. The current security automation technology can fully meet this demand. When the friction disk rotates, it is only necessary to carry out functional safety related planning at the early stage of automation project planning, so that the comprehensive strategy can be effectively implemented


in the process of intelligent and networked production, the demand for information and communication security is increasing day by day. In short, avoiding personnel damage to equipment belongs to the category of security based on increasing the implementation of building formwork. It includes not only protecting the plant or equipment from unauthorized access from the outside, but also protecting sensitive data from damage, loss and unauthorized access from the internal level

with the transformation from manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, industrial information security has risen to almost the same important position as mechanical security

for manufacturers, although there is an International Standard IEC 62443 that comprehensively deals with automated information security, which provides the best action guide for factory operators and equipment manufacturers on how to effectively implement security, when you really check the requirements of this standard, you will find that the implementation of these requirements is very complex

for the operators of the equipment, what an intelligent security concept can provide requires not only the greatest possible degree of freedom and flexibility, but also the greatest security

machine access control concept integrating security and prevention

the comprehensive solution integrating security and prevention provided by pirci covers operation mode selection and access authorization system pitmode fusion, modular security door system, pnozmulti2 small controller and firewall industrial bridge. Operation mode selection and access authorization system pitmode fusion is to authenticate personnel based on the data on the encrypted RFID key, and allow the corresponding personnel to perform specific operations according to the stored permissions. No one can unlock the security door until the reader unit has registered the correct permissions

the firewall industrial security bridge provides protection for network access. It monitors the communication with the controller and ensures that the on-site operation will not be affected by unauthorized network access. This solution not only considers the needs of mechanical safety, but also can define different permissions for personnel who have direct contact with mechanical equipment according to different roles, which not only ensures that personnel will not be injured by any danger that may be brought by the machine, but also ensures that the machine will not be affected by the error or manipulation of operators, and takes into account mechanical safety and industrial information security

for future factories, mechanical safety and industrial information security are equally important. More and more data show that companies that pay attention to safety investment and implement strict safety policies tend to have more staying power and more successful performance in the market

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