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With the increasing attention of consumers to the living environment, zhanchen waterborne wood coatings came into being with the emphasis on environmental protection and a sense of responsibility

with the increasing attention of consumers to the living environment, zhanchen water-based Wood Coatings came into being with the emphasis on environmental protection and a sense of responsibility. In order to better serve customers and translate the company's most professional and advanced research results in painting into customers' productivity and market competitiveness, the Training Department of furniture paint marketing center of zhanchen paint group and the technical service department of Shanghai company form a professional training team

on May 23, zhanchen furniture paint professional training team entered the first brand in China in terms of comprehensive strength of office furniture: Sinorgchem group; At present, the production base, located at No. 35 Ningdong Road, Xiaoshan Economic and Technological Development Zone, delivers nearly three hours of high gold content "gifts" and professional water-based wood coating training, which is committed to the concept of "ecological environmental protection, health and safety" of water-based wood coatings, and helps customers to upgrade their products, processes, and coatings in environmental protection

aerial view of Xiaoshan base of Sinorgchem group

in order to make this training more targeted and more practical to solve the problems encountered by customers in production, zhanchen training team arrived at the Sinorgchem Group factory in advance and visited the production workshop accompanied by manager Tang of the company. Some semi-finished products on site were appraised, and the whole spraying process of water-based coatings was visited to understand the actual situation of coating production

assembly line

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at 14:30 p.m., the training officially began. Nearly 40 employees of the quality control department of Sinorgchem group participated in the training. This training course mainly involves "environmental protection coating of water-based wood" -- mainly introduces the development trend and current situation of water-based wood coatings, and the advantages of environmental protection coating of water-based Wood Coatings of zhanchen company; "Basic knowledge of water-based Wood Coatings" -- mainly explains the concept and types of water-based wood coatings, the product characteristics of water-based wood coatings, and the performance comparison between water-based Wood Coatings and oil-based paints; "Water based environmental protection coating process and operation precautions" -- mainly introduces the company's products, coating process and operation precautions; During the training, the teacher emphasized the key points of waterborne wood paint coating: coating environment and coating use, plate treatment, and coating requirements. The question session arranged after class has made the whole training reach a new height

teacher Luo Yi's wonderful teaching

warm interaction

manager Zhong of the technical service department of Shanghai company's teaching site

training photos

in view of the time of this training, the training teacher refined the training content. Manager Tang of the quality control department and manager ge of the R & D Technology Center once again confirmed and communicated with the two teachers of zhanchen training on the continuous training, At the same time, it also expressed the intention to further strengthen the cooperation between the two sides

here, I wish the cooperation between Sinorgchem group and zhanchen group better and better! Customers succeed, we succeed


Sinorgchem group was established in Hangzhou in 1991. It is an enterprise group integrating office furniture, living furniture and real estate investment. The 37 floor group headquarters - Sinorgchem central business building is located in: Sinorgchem central business building, No. 200, Minmin street, Qianjiang New City, Hangzhou, with an office environment comparable to that of the world's top 500 enterprises. Haining base is located at No. 6 Anren Road, Jianshan New District, Haining City, Zhejiang Province, and Xiaoshan base is located at No. 35 Ningdong Road, Xiaoshan Economic and Technological Development Zone. The construction area of the production bases in both places is 300000 square meters, and the production hardware has reached the international leading level through years of upgrading

Sinorgchem is the first enterprise to win the enterprise technology center in the same industry in China. Its self-developed intelligent and numerical control products have won the if design award and the science and technology innovation award of light industry boutique. It has won the design gold award at the (Guangzhou) office furniture Expo for eight consecutive years

Sinorgchem took advantage of the situation to introduce the lean production (JIT) mode, comprehensively improve the on-site management level and per capita production capacity, and set up a postdoctoral workstation. The advanced computer-aided system ERP has laid the foundation for the implementation of information management and built a rapid response platform among suppliers, customers and enterprises

Sinorgchem is leaping forward with rapid changes, and strives to become a first-class enterprise in China's furniture industry that "employees are proud, customers love, competitors respect, and society recognize" and can compete with the world's best office furniture enterprises on the same platform on the basis of consolidating the first place in China when the 12th "Five Year Plan" is completed

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